Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Wow. This week was awesome.
On Monday we had our Christmas P-day, which was super fun! Monday night we had an awesome family night and taught about repentance, and the promise in Doctrine and Covenants 58:42-43 that God truly forgives our sins, and remembers them no more. Such an amazing promise from a loving Father in Heaven. 
On Tuesday we saw some AMAZING miracles. It all started when Hermana Weller and I were SUPER thirsty, and all we wanted was a cold sprite...(not easy to find in Chivay.) It was about 8:30pm, so we still had time before we had to get home.  We walked into a pharmacy that almost always has cold sprites...but this time they only had one, and it was expired...so we back-tracked to another store by the plaza that sometimes does too...(this time, they didn't either)...on our way out of the store this man stops us, and asks where the church is Chivay is. Come to find out he´s a member in Arequipa, returned missionary, married in the temple, and was the secretary in the stake, then got a job at the mine, and now is going to be living in Chivay for the next 6 months! On the way home we were so happy and excited about finding this guy that we forgot about how thirsty we were...until we got home. Well...right next to our house is a hotel that sometimes has drinks...we went in to buy sprite, and come to find out the man who works in the hotel is so cool...and he doesn´t understand the catholic church, because they don´t follow the bible, and he is just confused and wants to find the truth...well willy (thats his name...cute huh?) the truth just walked into your hotel looking for a cold sprite. We went back the next day and started teaching him a little bit more. Love this guy.
On Wednesday Victor, our convert tried to interpret some dreams Hermana Weller and I had, and it was the weirdest creepiest thing ever. We taught him about revelation so he could understand a little better, and it ended up being the silliest thing. He told me that he needed to pray about my dreams to understand them better.  Also...let´s take a quick step back...about 3 weeks ago I had a dream I married this guy, and that his sister was one of my bridesmaids. I walked out of the temple and said..."Hey, what´s she doing here?" And everyone said..."You married her brother." and then he walked out right behind me, and I was super confused as to why I married this guy. Turns out this dream means that God requires things of me that I don´t want to do, but that I can´t take anything literally. He asked me, "What color were you wearing? How many people were there? Did anyone make eye contact with you?" Hahaha. We´re probably gonna go back and re-teach revelation.
I am loving every moment of my mission. I am loving every person I meet, and I am loving the gospel that I am so lucky to teach. 
Have a wonderful week all of you!
Hermana Carli Stone

Family night with some of our favorite people!

Ward talent show. Love these ladies.
hhahahahaha prettiest companions.

  Cat woman…look who loves animals now.

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