Monday, May 27, 2013

Hola Familia!

How are you guys? Sounds like you had a busy week back in California. You are so right about visiting the cabin Mom. You have no idea how many times I have just dreamed of going up to the cabin with the family and hiking, and laying by the pool and reading books for the weekend. Ah. How things have changed huh? We will have to take a little get away to Stonehaven when I get back. I died laughing about the soap in the dishwasher situation. Summer WOULD record that. I'm so proud. Someone has to be the family documentor now that I'm gone. Haha.

This week was a crazy roller coaster! I'm sure everyone is wondering how the chocolate fast is going. I´m going to get to that...don´t you worry.

Wednesday was probably the best day of my whole mission so far. It was incredible! The day started out really rough and I was just really sad, and couldn't figure out why. I was on my knees for a good 15 minutes during my personal study cause I was just feeling so insufficient and like I wasn't doing anything to help my companion because the language was so tough. I was praying for experiences to be humbled so I could better understand missionary work, and was pleading for some sort of sign of what my purpose was, and why I was having such a tough time.

Well...I can promise you all that the Lord answers prayers in the ways we never expect. For our companion study on Wednesday morning Hermana Chavez decided to read with me a talk called the "Consecrated Missionary". I´m sure you have heard of it. If you haven't....everyone should read it. That talk changed my life. And we only had time to study the first page. I realized what my problems were, and fixed them immediately. The rest of the day was amazing! We went and visited a woman named Santuza who has been meeting with missionaries on and off for 2 years.  After we shared our message we felt that she needed to pray with the three of us knelt the middle of her hair-cutting store, and she prayed.  When the prayer was over we were all in tears and she told us she wanted to be BAPTIZED! We were so excited! When we left her store we started screaming. Then...we thought it would be a good idea to get some chocolate to celebrate....oh no.

Wednesday night we went and visited our investigator Ramiro. He is hilarious. Remember the one is like Kristian? Well...normally when we teach him he sits in silence and nods every now and then...but Hermana Chavez said she felt prompted to have me teach and she would just come in every now and then and bear her testimony. And it definitely was a prompting from the Lord because whoever taught that night was NOT me. My Spanish was nearly perfect, and I had so many things come to my mind that I never had an issue of what I needed to say. As soon as I started talking he wouldn't shut up. He had tons of questions and when we gave him a Book of Mormon he was stoked about it. We left that appointment screaming too. It was such a great day. THEN....are you ready for what happened next? I broke my foot! hahaha. just kidding...that wasn't funny. But I tripped, ...THAT was funny. And my companion did too...and I couldn't stop laughing. It was horrible cause she kept saying how terrible the pain was and I was just laughing at her. thing. We walked back to our apartment and guess who was there? My companion from the MTC Hermana Schoppmann...! HAHAHA She's our new companion. My poor Hermana Chavez has been out for 4 months and shes training two North Americans.  She's the greatest person ever though. We have honestly become best friends...I love her so much. I told her she needs to marry Chandler so we can be real sisters...she's not really sure about that. But we just sit in bed and sing and laugh together. It has been really tough having another companion...especially because I'm being trained and Hermana Schoppmann knows no Spanish...and we have kind of had to start over with the training instead of moving forward...but I asked to be humbled and the Lord is delivering. Haha.

Last thing...Friday morning we got a phone call from Santuza saying she didn't want to be baptized anymore. After she called she dropped off the face of planet and we spent the rest of the day walking around trying to find her. (Classic stalker missionaries) Then we were so depressed that we bought chocolate. She didn't end up getting baptized because her husband didn't want her too. It was rough. But...we are going to meet with her again this week and try and see what we can do to help her have a stronger desire to read the Book of Mormon because she told us that she wasn't reading it, and we are almost sure that's why she didn't have the faith to get baptized.

I am having the time of my life. And I think I still have a parasite.

I bought a new backpack for 12 soles...and It's my favorite thing in the world. Also...even though it looks like I have a double chin in the picture I sent you I don't...I promise I haven't gained THAT much weight.

Also...I know I´m maturing cause guess who loves to do the dishes now. ME! I also love hand washing you can tell from my excitement in the picture of me hanging up my companions sheets on the clothes line. Haha

My spanish is coming poco a poco...but the Patriarch said I'm getting better and I understand most people now. WOO! Love you all!

Talk to you next week!
Sorry this email is so long!
Hermana Carli

Monday, May 20, 2013

Well...this week was tough. But...I could say that about every week so it wasn't much different than what I have already experienced. :)

First off...SHOUT OUT TO KATE!!!! I cried when I read she's off to Nashville TN!!! She is going to be such a rock-star. I have no doubt!

Next, Happy birthday to Colton!! I can't believe that tomorrow he will be 12!  Wow. Passing the sacrament next Sunday...what I would give to be there to see that! Ha.

So on Monday night we went and had FHE with my favorite family in the ward. She is the Young Woman's President,she is from Columbia and 21 years old.  Her husband who met her on his mission, is the Elders Quorum President and he is 23. Crazy young right? They are so awesome. After the lesson they made us a smoothie...
Let me tell you what I THINK was in the smoothie...
Hot Water,

I almost threw up. It was so disgusting. Ha. Also...I think I have a parasite....which is fine because of my chocolate addiction. I was feeling sick on Thursday so the white elders in my zone gave me a blessing. In the blessing my zone leader said, "As you strictly follow the Word of Wisdom you will have good health". That's when I decided that 27 candy bars in 6 days was too many. I'm on a chocolate fast right now. I'm dying. Hahaha Who knew I liked chocolate so much!

I got another blessing this week from the Patriarch. He felt that I needed a blessing to receive the gift of tongues....and YES I DO. The Spanish is tough. What a tender mercy that I live with the Patriarch huh? I count that as a huge blessing everyday.

We have this one investigator named Ramiro who reminds me SO much of Kristian...He looks like him, dresses like him, and acts like him. He is 17, and he is awesome. We asked him to pray after a lesson last week and he whispered this super short prayer...and then said Amen really loud so we knew he was done. I told him "If I can pray in Spanish...YOU can pray in Spanish!" At least that's what I tried to say...Haha.
On Saturday we were fasting for him to get baptized this week, and on Saturday night we went to visit, and he wasn't home but his Aunt said that they were praying over lunch earlier that week and he asked if he could pray! WOO! Fasting brings miracles...especially if you had been there for the first prayer.
This weekend we had a ward activity. It was SO HILARIOUS! I wish I could have taken pictures and videos of the whole thing. I ate a small dinner expecting food....BUT...for food we had one bag of this little Peruvian hard candies. HAHA. The whole activity was like a combined mutual activity...without food. My companion sweet  Hermana Chavez gave a small spiritual thought about the priesthood, and I said the prayer (in Spanish...thanks for asking, it went horribly. hahaha) and then they played games the whole time. They had a race where you jump in the bags... (...what is that called?) and kids (and adults) were falling on their faces like nobody's business. I haven't laughed as hard as I did that night in 2 months. It was hysterical! We also listened to Katy Perry at the activity...(The bishop was in charge of music. HA!) I love our ward. They are so awesome! Also....I'm the new ward pianist...apparently...that's what my companion told me yesterday. I sat down to play for a little bit before church because we were there early, and next thing I know the bishop comes up and thanks me for being the ward pianist. Haha.

Also...lastly. We went to visit a recent convert for her birthday and she gave us cake...and it was the best cake I have ever had in my life. No sarcasm. It was INCREDIBLE! I almost cried when I ate it. I cry about everything now. Haha. Also...the lady asked if I liked Peru and I told her I do, and then she asked if I wanted to marry a Peruvian...but I didn't understand her so I said yes. And then my companion looks over and asked me that was awkward cause now she thinks I'm secretly in love with someone in our zone and won't tell her who. Ha
Anyway...I love you all and miss you all so much! Can you believe this week is 2 months?! I can. Haha. Time is starting to speed up...and I think I am starting to understand the work better.

The picture I sent you is one of me on our street outside  I gotta love it.
I love the people of Peru so much...and I am learning so much!
Don't forget about me!
Hermana Carli

Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey family!

It was so nice to talk to you guys yesterday. Sorry I was such a disaster at the end there. Haha.

After I hung up the skype call I decided that I needed to just get to work so my companion and I left the members house we were skyping at and went out and contacted. From 6-8pm we contacted 49 people and taught 3 lessons. Haha. It was awesome! I was just talking and trying to say everything I saw in Spanish. My companion was laughing so hard because I had been so sad like...30 minutes before.

Also...We were teaching a lesson to a lady who is getting baptized on Saturday last night and her grandson came in and gave me a kiss (which is totally normal here) but obviously against mission rules. I didn't know what to say so I just made this really weird noise like...Wait...don't do that. But he didn't understand my spanglish noise. Of course my companion starts dying laughing again. Then she looked at me and told me to bare my testimony. She didnt tell me WHAT to bare it on so I just started talking and it was probably the best testimony I have given in Spanish since I got on my mission. It was such a great feeling. I dont know if what I said made any sense to her...but to me it did, and it felt so good to know what I was saying for a minute. Haha.

Also...I know I told you guys this yesterday, but for all my blog followers that aren't part of the family (Cami, Christie, Kate and Grandma) HA....guys...this week I ate COW STOMACH. I'm so proud of myself...and Cam aren't you proud? Remember when you used to have to practically force me to eat hot dogs?...Yeah...I would kill for one of your hot dogs right now. Haha.

Ps. Major camping trip when I get home. I'm super into that kind of thing now...and woudn't believe how many dogs are here. I spend most of my day trying to find ways to run away from them without being obvious to the Peruvians that I hate dogs cause they all love the animals that just roam the streets here. And...our pet mouse that wanders around in the morning is no longer an issue cause I packed EARPLUGS...they SAVE my life.

OH....shout out to Elise on her mission call to BOLIVIA! We are gonna be neighbors again (Aves 330...good times) and Ryan Mcfadyen to GUATEMALA!! I love all these Spanish speaking missionaries! If I had advice I would give it to you, but I LUCK! Bahahaha.

Thank you so much for everyone who sends me encouraging words every week. I love you all SO much and miss you all!

I have a ton of pictures to send, and the computer isnt letting me. Expect like...20 next week. Haha.

Love you all!


My Room

Monday, May 6, 2013


Since I keep having to start all over again I feel like every one of my letters is titled Week 1. That's not comforting at all. Haha.

Well...WOW. This last 24 hours has been pretty crazy. Im glad I was warned that the first two weeks are miserable and you want to leave because I have definitely been having a tough time.

Yesterday morning our flight left at 7. There were 22 of us that left the MTC for Arequipa. 6 Americans, and the rest latinos. You would think since the latinos SPEAK the language at the airport that they would be a help to us but they weren't at all and they BARELY made the flight. All 16 came running onto the plane minutes before they closed the doors. It was kind of hilarious cause they were just taking their sweet time and all the North Americans were stressing to the MAX.

When we landed, our mission president, and his wife and all the elders that work in the office were there to greet us...which was really nice. We all got on a big bus and got a tour of Arequipa. It was awesome.

They took us to the mission home, and for the rest of the day we were being trained. They fed us an awesome meal (that was literally too much for DAD to eat) and then trained us more. There are 2 elders that left today for home so they were there too being interviewed and stuff, so that was cool. One of them was from Texas.

My companion is the most adorable little Latina in the entire world. She speaks like...4 English words so I just cry when I cant understand her...I don't really want to expound on that one. Its been a rough morning so far. Haha.

Also...remember how I hate camping? Yeah so...that's basically what I'm doing here. Thank you Chandler for warning me...oh wait...just kidding. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME. Besides the fact that they don't have a concept of time here...they also don't have any concept of temperature. My companion told me the showers were REALLY hot. I didn't even wash my body because it was so cold. I even had her come help me...and she turned it on, felt it and told me it was really wasn't.

Also...I'm pretty much sleeping in a closet. For breakfast I couldn't eat cause I felt sick so the lady who cooks for us (who can ONLY say banana in english and that's about it) made me a hot smoothie...actually...i have no idea what it was. Ill probably be sick later.

We live in a room at the Patriarchs house which is so nice...but they don't have houses here...they just have rooms...outside. hahaha. This is all so hilarious when I really think about it. Also...this morning when my companion and I had companionship study...I THINK she said that we are teaching a lady named Nancy tonight. Were going to the Bishops house later to meet that will be good. But I seriously cant speak any Spanish. I feel like such an idiot.

Long story short...I am kind of freaking out. Hopefully I make it out of this alive.

Speaking of that....I read about Chandler and started sobbing in that we are emailing in. The guy next to me is from Arizona...but he is pretty awkward so he was just staring at me. I am SO glad Chandler is okay. Wow. What a blessing!

I thought I was doing so well cause I only cried in the CCM once in Lima during Bednar...and today...Im a disaster.

One thing that was good is that this morning during my personal study I finished the Book of Mormon. It was so wonderful to finish! I started it in January, and then REALLY started reading in the MTC. I am SO grateful for the Book of Mormon. Especially here. It is SUCH a strength to me...and brings me so much peace. Which I really need...especially here now when I don't know what i'm doing at all and I cant even ask what to do so I just awkwardly stand around until my companion does something and then I just follow her around.

Well...please pray for me. I'm having a really tough time right now adjusting and what not. I will be calling on Sunday 3pm Peru 1pm California time...ish. Around there...just a heads up.

Love you guys, and miss you SO much!!

Hermana Carli Stone

Ps. My pictures are:

1) Me, Hermana Kahle and an Elder from our Provo district who got his visa at the was pretty hysterical speaking no Spanish.

2) Arequipa

3) All the missionaries who came from the CCM in Arequipa during our tour.

PPS. I called the mission presidents son Sunday yesterday. His name is Diego...NOT Domingo....I made a great first impression. HAHAHA