Tuesday, April 22, 2014

When one door closes, two more open

Hello my lovely family!!!

How was your Easter? Better than mine I hope. I was throwing up because of something I ate in the street...lesson learned.

This week was one of the toughest I have had in my entire mission, but as always, my Heavenly Father helped me through it. My companion and I love our area, and love each other, but the branch here is just progressing so slowly that we don´t really know where to start. We don´t have the time that we had in Arequipa to teach all day long because we have to deal with running the church here. All week we worked and worked and worked, until last night when we completely crashed. Yesterday I was sick, so after church and lunch we were just resting, and both felt so overwhelmed with everything that was going on that we just opened our scriptures to find SOMETHING to help us out. Our district leader called us for our numbers and could tell we weren't ourselves, and gave us a few scriptures as well, but I had a pretty cool experience that my Heavenly Father sent the spirit to tell me in my mind and in my heart what it is that is needed of me.

Here in Chivay we are the church. There are no leaders, no one with a stronger testimony than us as missionaries. My entire life, and my entire mission I have been in situations that when my testimony falters, I have someone to look to, or someone to truly help me remember what I know to be true.  We talked about this a lot last night, and it made me realize that when I get home, and when I start my own family...I will be that person. I can´t depend on others. I knew that this was coming. I knew that on my mission I would have to strengthen my testimony to the point that there is no depending on others...just me, and my Heavenly Father.

This week our only investigator told us that he didn't want to pray about the Book of Mormon even though he had read it because he thought it would be cheating on his church...I told him that he wasn't praying because he knew it was true, and he got defensive and said..."No I don´t...I don´t know that." Ah. It is so sad when you see someone who is SO ready to progress, and they just don´t want too. However, this week the Lord blessed us with 2 families that we are teaching now. When one door closes, two more open. He truly is hastening His work, and I feel that...I also feel that He wants those who are truly prepared and ready for this gospel. The Lord has His hand in everything we do. We are His children, and He wants what is best for us...even when it seems difficult or inconvenient.

Love you all!

Be good :)

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