Monday, April 14, 2014

He will answer your prayers

Oh man....Where do I even start with this week?

Well...we made it! We are in Chivay! This place is absolutely incredible. I´ll be back to doubt. I love it so much. I sent as many pictures as I could. The weather is cold....we wear 4 shirts, scarves, 2 pairs of pants, and have 4 alpaca blankets at night...with our heater...and we´re still cold. Haha. Imagine driving up to the cabin in the winter, and going to sleep without turning on the heater...that´s about where we are. Haha.

Our branch is POPPIN....we had a whole 6 members there yesterday. My companion and I gave talks, and taught relief society....and I´m primary president. Hahaha. It is seriously the coolest though. The people who come are so fiel, and just so happy to be members of the church. I attached a picture of our relief society yesterday which we combined with primary and young womens.

The work here doesn't move as quick as it does in Arequipa, but I truly and honestly feel that the Lord has prepared this little town for the gospel. Who are we to say that the Lord hasn´t prepared 10 people to enter the waters of baptism in April? Who are we to say that our branch can´t progress? This is the Lord´s work, and we are only instruments in His hands.

President and Sister Zobrist are the greatest Peruvian parents. Last week they drove up from Arequipa and brought up Top Ramen, a heater for our room, hot chocolate, oatmeal, cereal, almonds, and more blankets. Then they took us out to eat for dinner.  Don´t worry...I´m being taken care of!

I am loving my new area, and Hermana Weller who by the way is my exact twin. Wish I could send all the hilarious movies we made doing Zumba at 8:45pm in the ourselves. We just laugh all day long, and enjoy every moment together.

The people here are incredible. I couldn't love them more.  I am so happy, and love this work SO much. I know that if I humble myself before God, that He will bless me. I had multiple experiences this week with prayer and receiving answers. Every time I knelt down and asked the Lord to help, I received my answer strong and clear, "I am willing...just let me. I have plenty for you to do, will you do it?" The Lord answers our prayer, He loves us. I can´t say it enough. "Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you."

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