Monday, April 7, 2014

Tansfers and General Conference in Spanish

HAHAHA...Okay, this week I have some crazy/hilarious/awesome news.
I don´t know where to start...I´m gonna explain a little bit.

There is an area in our mission called Chivay. This area doesn't have sisters, it never has. The reason that they have never had sisters there is because it's really dangerous, far from Arequipa, really cold, and REALLY poor. There are two companionship of elders up there right now, and it is TOUGH. They don´t have a pension, and it´s like straight up camping from what I have heard. Well...President called me yesterday to tell me that he is sending me up to Chivay with Sister Weller (from Utah) to open up an area. HAHAHA. I wish I could explain better all of this, but it is just still so hilarious to me. He called me yesterday to see how I felt, and give me the low down on what is needed up there. They have a REALLY small branch, and they meet in a house. It´s starting to go into winter where they see snow, and it gets SUPER cold. So...I head out today with Sister Weller, and President basically told me that I´ll be finishing my mission out in Chivay. We are working with the poorest people in the mission, and I am SO stinking dang excited. Obviously I´m nervous...but when President Zobrist called me he told me the experience he had up in Chivay last week thinking about sending sisters out there, and he said it was a cool spiritual experience because when he interviewed with the four elders out in Chivay they all felt that Sister Weller and I were the missionaries that needed to be up there. It is going to be a CRAZY adventure. I´m sure next week I will have some more pictures and stuff so you guys can get a little feel of what is going to be happening with your daughter. Haha.

Leaving Paucarpata is gonna be sad. I love my companion, and we worked so dang hard this transfer. In the month of April we are going to be having 9 baptisms, and I will miss them all, but I feel so certain that this is what I need to do. Conference this last weekend was absolutely incredible! I was SO inspired. What a blessing that we have to listen to the voice of our prophet and apostles every 6 months, with words directly from our father in heaven. I had a pretty cool experience watching conference too. On Saturday morning before we left to go to the church I prayed that God would bless with the gift of interpretation of tongues just in case I didn't have the opportunity to watch conference in English. Well, I did have the opportunity to watch it in English, but when I got into the room I didn't feel the same spirit that I was hoping for. A thought came into my mind that I needed to do my part if I wanted to receive answers to my prayers. If I prayed and asked God to bless me with this specific gift of the spirit to understand, and feel the truth of the talks in Spanish, why was I watching it in English? I went back into the chapel where my companion was, and ended watching all four sessions in Spanish, and LOVED IT! I learned SO much, and felt so strongly this answer to my prayer.

This work is my absolute favorite. I will never be able to live my mission again, and I know with all surety of my heart that THIS is where I need to be. My life is changed because of the decision that I made to serve a mission.  I feel SO much love for the people I am serving, and I feel so lucky to be here teaching the truth to those who have not yet received it. I cannot imagine my life without the gospel of Jesus Christ, I cannot imagine a life that isn't centered on Christ. My heart has forever been changed, and I am willing to give everything I have to the Lord. He lives. I will never doubt that. I have received countless confirmations to my soul that this is right. I know it with every bone in my body.  All we need to do is ask with a sincere heart, and the Lord will provide.

I love you all! Have a beautiful week!

This is a link to where Carli has been transferred to!

Chivay, Peru

If you are curious to watch General Conference click here: Watch General Conference April, 2014

And now for Pictures!

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