Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Peruvian Hospitals...

Wow...where do I start? This week was pretty nuts.

Firstly...I´m sure you all remember Sister Hubert (my biggest fan...who by the way has an awesome connection to us cause her dad is from South Africa and knows dad from the mission I think) Well...Thursday afternoon Sister Zobrist called me to tell me that Sister Hubert was passing kidney stones, and was in the hospital and couldn't communicate with the doctors cause she didn't speak Spanish yet. She asked if I could go and translate and help her out...and I ended up staying in the hospital with her all day Thursday until about 11pm talking to the doctors, and getting her appointments with the specialist that could help her out. President and Sister Zobrist were out of Arequipa doing some conferences, and finally got into town around 9:30pm, so they came and took us back to the mission home to sleep, and then we had another appointment the next day with the specialist. Poor Sister Hubert was so sick, and in so much pain that we woke up at 4:30am and layed outside the bathroom on the floor talking so she could be distracted from the pain, and the nausea that she felt. Well...our dream of being companions came true. Love her to death! She is the sweetest, bravest person I know. I hope shes reading this....RACHEL?! Anyway...I´m thinking of moving to Perú to be a nurse cause I love the hospitals here, and seeing people wheeled right in front of me with no eye and a sliced open nose while the little girl on the other side of the curtain is violently vomiting. Needless to say....I enjoyed it! Haha.

Besides my hospital adventure...this week was FULL of miracles. I thank my Heavenly Father each day for the opportunity I have to be here...I am so extremely blessed! I have never felt so strongly, as I did this week, that this is MY mission. I love this country with all my heart, and I love missionary work.

We had a baptism this week. We have been working with this kid named Cristian for about the entire month I've been back here serving in Arequipa, and he had all the desires in the world to be baptized but his madrina just didn´t want to give permission for him to be baptized. We talked to her and explained...with the most patience we could... (perdí la paciencia un poco...no voy a mentir) that she can continue to say no, but he turns 18 next month, and he will be baptized. He told us he wants to go on a mission, and he is solid. Well...long story short, he was baptized on Saturday, and was so happy after he came out of the water than he started jumping up and down and swimming around in the baptismal font...hahaha. It was hilarious! That is so pure joy right there.

Well...this week I sent like a zillion pictures. YOU´RE WELCOME! We had a BBQ yesterday and it was unreal. So goood. I also attached a picture of my companion and I with our pensionista after the woman's broadcast because we didn't have our moms there with us, so we ran up and hugged her afterward. #trucky

This week I saw lots of miracles. Ohh...I forgot to tell you, I also saw about half of the movie frozen. Hahaha. Sister Hubert and I watched it with Sister Zobrist. It was the BEST thing I have ever seen. I just wanted to stand up and dance around the mission home. It´s like sister zobrists favorite movie, so as we were hanging out at the mission home waiting to go back to the hospital she turned it on and told us to watch it with her. Love that woman! Today we have leadership training so I will be at the mission home again, and I will take a picture with President and Sister Zobrist...I promise!

Love you all. Hope you´re being good! Thanks for all the emails, letters, and love.
Ps. Shout out to Marcus who is going to rock the MCAT this month. YOU CAN DO IT!

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