Monday, February 3, 2014

Turn to Him

Hello family and friends!

This week was busy, and wonderful. Full of spiritual experiences and miracles. I love this gospel so much. Each day my love my Heavenly Father, and his son Jesus Christ grows, and I realize how extremely blessed I have been in my life. 

I was in divisions this week with a new sister who has 2 weeks in the mission, and we went to visit a little old lady and her husband who have been members of the church for about 3 years.  When we got there she told us that she had a reference for us. Reference of GOLD! This kid is awesome. His name is Edison. He has 19 years, and has been to church a bunch of times. He told us he wanted to get baptized, and that he knew that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that the Book of Mormon is true. We set a baptism date for this next Saturday, and told him that he needed to come to church this week (yesterday) so he could be prepared. But then he started putting up a wall, and using a bunch of excuses for why he couldn't come to church.  We testified to him of the importance of the sabbath day, and fasted and prayed like crazy that he would feel the importance of this sacred day, and yesterday HE CAME TO CHURCH! We both started crying of happiness the moment that he walked in. It was so wonderful that all of this happened in divisions because we always pray that the sisters will have a spiritual experience and see miracles in divisions, and as we were leaving this new little sister from Lima looks over at me and starts crying and says..."You are a wonderful missionary Sister Stone. I learned so much from you in these divisions, I know that I can be a great missionary too." It was such a sweet little moment.  

The pictures I sent you are from our P-day last week. We played spoons, and out of the 16 missionaries in my zone...I WON! Everyone was teasing me saying that it was because I play the piano and have quick hands. Thanks for the piano lessons mom and dad! Ha.

I am so thankful today for my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for answers to prayers. I know that only the Lord knows what is best for us, and even though in the moment it may not seem like what we want, our Heavenly Father is so much more powerful, and He can help us, guide us, and truly protect us from the harms of the temptations of this world. Turn to Him. Repent. Ask for forgiveness. Our God is so merciful, and willing to forgive us for our short comings.

Love you all! Thanks for your love, and examples always.

Sister Carli Stone

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