Monday, January 27, 2014

"I love these people.. even the person who robbed me."

Well...there goes January. How is that even possible?

Things here in Tacna are awesome. My companion and I have caught some sort of bug for the work of salvation, and we have our planners FULL to the brim. Right now we are searching for members that can go on splits with us because we have so many appointments. Ah! Wow. I love this work so much.

Oh...I forgot to tell you all. Yes, it happened. I got robbed. I knew one day it would happen. Unfortunately they stole my keys to our house, 80 soles, a copy of my visa card for the mission, and my USB. I was pretty upset, but then I thought..."Wait...if they put my USB in their computer they will find all the church music, and Mormon messages I have for lessons, watch them, and get baptized" I`m not too worried about it.

Our leadership counsel last week was incredible.  Man, I love my mission president.  He is so inspired.  The work of salvation is hastening. This week the sister training leaders are going to get cell phones. (Just a little glimpse of how far behind the other missions in the world we are.) Ha. But I have received confirmation after confirmation that I need to be here, in the PerĂ¹, Arequipa mission. I love this country, these people (even the person who robbed me), this language, the culture, the food, EVERYTHING about PerĂ¹. It will always be a part of who I am.

Even though we don`t have a ton of people that we are teaching right now, I know that the Lord is preparing them in this very moment, and that they will be ready to accept this gospel, and every blessing that comes along with this beautiful message that we preach.

Ps. I stood up last week in our zone conference and told everyone that I was on a mini mission to help our zone be cooler, and more united (but in a nicer way than that) and last night they called us, and were telling me how cool I was, and today we are going to do a bunch of fun activities together as a zone, and we studied this morning in the chapel, and walked to internet together. Mission accomplished. Alameda 2014.

Love you all.
Thanks for raising me to be cool mom and dad. 

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