Monday, February 17, 2014

Happier than ever!

Ohhhh hello everyone I just love you all so much. I had some of the most hilarious emails ever this week, and I was laughing out loud reading them and all the elders were looking at me like some sort of crazy person. Thank you Chandler, Katelyn, Marcus and Summer for all emailing me. The Stone family is still funny. (Thank goodness)

This week was incredible! (Very soon I will start running out of words to describe my happiness in the mission).  Right now I`m just glowing and laughing and so happy that I can`t even type. I just love this work so much. (And also this kid next to me that`s playing some war game is a super intense gamer...and that`s pretty funny too.) So...Saturday Edison, and Carlos both got baptized! It was SUCH an amazing baptism. I think it was my favorite baptism of my whole mission.  My companion sang "Savior, Redeemer of my soul" with an elder from California that is a professional opera singer. I couldn`t even play the piano because the spirit was so strong. I was literally sitting at the piano giggling because it was SO amazing. I am so blessed to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost each day of my mission.

Oh...haha. This week we were in divisions, and I bought these little popsicles for me and the sister I was with to eat when we were walking cause it was so hot outside, and when I was JUST about finished she said...I don`t think we should eat these...I`m pretty sure they made them with dirty water. Well...sure enough...they were made with dirty water, and I got a parasite...but I took all my pills that the nurse told me too, and I think I killed it. It was the most horrible and painful thing ever. I don`t know how I will ever give birth. for P-day we are going to a country club to play tennis, and eat BBQ. Even since my little chat with my zone we are on fire! Haha. This week we are ordering matching T-shirts too. Oh...and the other big news. The whole mission got cell phones this week. Wooo! Our zone leaders called and asked if we could wrap them up so that we could give them to the zone as a gift, and so they brought over 6 cell phones yesterday and Santa Carli wrapped them all up.

Anyway...that's about it for this week. Oh...last  P-day President Zobrist came down to Tacna and we ran into him in shorts and a T-shirt walking in the mall with his wife and his daughter Carly. He took us to lunch at a super cute little cafe, and we just talked and laughed and he kept calling his daughter Carls, and Car and Carligirl and I was just dying. It was pretty funny.

Keep the faith!

love you forever,

Hermana Stone

1. Baptisms--Carlos is the guy with glasses, and Edison is the tall one on the right. Love them!
2. Santa Carli wrapping all the cell phones for our zone. Merry CHRISTMAS!

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