Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye to Tacna....

Hello my dear family.

Sorry I`m writing so late`s not like you will read this anyway you crazy party people.

Hope you`re enjoying the sunshine...because I am here in the rain. Yes, it`s true. I got transferred from Tacna back to Arequipa this morning. Now I will be sister training leader of the sisters here in Arequipa. I love Arequipa...this will always be my mission, but oh man...I don`t even know how to describe the love I have for Tacna.

Yesterday I was a disaster. I went up in Relief Society to make an announcement, and I couldn't even hold it together. I just stood there and bawled. I honestly didn't even have words to describe the love that I have for my ward in Para Chico. I was there for 6 months...and I will never forget that area. I truly feel that I learned and grew more in the last six months of my mission than the last 19 years of my life.  I will always be grateful for the love that the members of my ward, and everyone in my last area gave to me. They all came up in a line to give me hugs at the end of Relief Society and I just sat there and cried into their shoulders...I couldn't even thank them enough for the love they had shown me. Ah! Charity at it`s best!

Enough of the sadness...I`m back in Arequipa! My companion here in super sweet. Hermana Canales from Lima. I`m excited to be back here, and work with a different group of sisters. Today I met my soul sister who is one of the sisters in our training zone, and we sat and talked for like 30 minutes about our life plans...(which happen to be exactly the same).  The calling I have as sister training leader has helped me so much, and I have just loved getting to know each of these sisters and help them in different ways. I`m sure you have all had experiences at one time in your life where you have sacrificed something to help someone else, and then thought..."Wow, they didn't even realize what I did." And think that your work goes unnoticed...but I promise you, that in one moment or another the good will come back to you, and that you will realize that you truly did help, and you really were a light in someones path.

The mission is awesome. I am loving each and everyday. I love everyone I meet here in PerĂ¹....and I will never ever forget the experiences that I have had here in my mission.  I will probably end up finishing my mission here in this area, but only the Lord knows where I need to be, and who I need to help. I know that there are people here in Arequipa that need me right now.

Enjoy your week!

Love you all!

Pictures next week....I'm short on time.

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