Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Remember what you wil give HIM this Christmas

Merry almost Christmas family and friends!
From your letters, pictures and cards it looks like everything is going well back in America, and everyone is enjoying this beautiful holiday season. I´m glad you all got my letter. Sorry I only sent one, I´m learning to be frugal with my mission funds here. Haha.

This week was a week of miracles...just like every other week of my mission, but this week I set a goal to search for miracles...and I found them. Right where my Heavenly Father placed them. I love when you search for someone all week...feel prompted to walk down a random street (that was completely out of you way) and find your lost investigator...buying cake. (My kind of man!) Just kidding I promise I´m not flirting with my investigators. I just said that cause I like cake.

Speaking of cake...Yesterday I was deathly ill from about 4am until 9am in and out of the bathroom, curled up in a little ball on my bed. We called the bishop, he came over to give me a blessing, and I stood up, and off the church we went. Wow! I love the Priesthood. Just a few of the miracles I saw this week. And the reason why I said "speaking of cake" is because the reason I was sick is because I ate some cake on Saturday night that the Young Women made with fondant, and I ate a bunch of it...come to find out the fondant here is made with ceramics and stuff...and they forgot to tell me, so I was basically eating pottery I guess. Anyway...I´m feeling much better. Still don´t really have any desire to eat, but that will probably change with our millions of dinner appointments these next few days.

Yesterday we went out contacting with a little boy in the ward who is 10 years old because he wanted to learn what a mission was like. He brought his hymn book, his scriptures and his backpack, and he was sharing his testimony, and praying with us in the street and everything. It was so much fun. When we were with him, we knocked on a door and were talking to a little boy for about 10 minutes, we were telling stories, and cracking jokes, and he would not smile for the life of him so we told him we were going to sing a son.  We gave him a little hymn book to follow along, and we sang "I´m a child of God". I look over after the first line, and he is singing along with us...it was so cute. Children learn in such a different way than adults do, and it was just another testimony to me of how much our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love children. Be patient with them, and love them!

Remember your Savior this Christmas, and remember what you want to give HIM this year.


Love you all SO much!
Can´t wait to talk to you all on Wednesday morning!

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