Monday, December 16, 2013

"Milagros...que bonita!"

Oh my dear family!

This last week we were in Arequipa for our leadership conference, and President Zobrist made some big changes in the mission. I`m so excited to see what will happen with his visions, and see how the missionaries will be fueled in a different way.  When we were in Arequipa my companion had probably one of the most hilarious days of my whole mission.

Last week after I wrote you, we went to T.G.I. FRIDAYS in the mall and I ate sour cream for the first time in 9 months. I was almost crying...It was delicious. Afterwards we went into the Plaza de armas to take some pictures, and it ended up being probably the funniest biggest disaster since my swine flu experience in the concubine at the MTC.

So we`re walking around enjoying the cute little Christmas decorations in the plaza, and I see some girls dressed in their Peruvian dresses holding a little of course I ran over and asked them if I could take a picture with them. I pick up the lamb, and it starts peeing on me. I start dying laughing holding it out in front of me like some sort of sick child. The girls are just standing there smiling and they look at me and say, "It`s okay, this is good luck. It`s a lamb of God." Classic. Afterwards my companion wants to take a picture so I pass her this little lamb, and it starts pooping on her. I was trying to take the picture, but she freaked out and threw the baby lamb...but gets better. While this is happening a creepy man comes up to me and whispers in my ear asking my name...I stepped back, pointed at my name tag and said, "Hermana Stone" and he smiles and says..."Milagros...que bonita!" hahaha...THEN at the same time of all this is going on, a little old catholic man is dancing around me in circle with a picture of Mary and baby Jesus asking me to take a picture of him. I can`t wait to watch a replay of this day in my movie in heaven. You are all invited to watch too.

This week we have been working even more with the less actives...and I can see a change in them. I love it. I have been studying a bunch of stories about Christmas to share when we visit, and I feel SO much the love of my Heavenly Father at this time of year. This definitely will be a different Christmas than the others that I have had, but I don`t have to worry about anything but my Savior and that is quite refreshing to me.

Yesterday was our ward primary program and I got to play the piano. It was hilarious and adorable, and I just LOVE these kids so much. They all dressed in white, and there was a bunch of them that memorized their little parts to share. They have such a special little spirit and testimony that just glows. You can`t help but leave a meeting like we had yesterday just beaming with joy and love for the Lord and his creation of little children. 

Right now we are working with a few young men that are preparing for baptism.  One of them is named Hector, and the other is named Rivaldo. They are neighbors and play in a band together. They came to church last week and asked us if they could be baptized. Ha. You can only imagine the response of a missionary when we hear that. Right now we are teaching them the discussions to prepare them a little more, because they have all the desires in the world.

Our convert from last month John received the priesthood a few weeks ago, and yesterday was blessing and breaking the sacrament. It is such a feeling of joy for me to see young men using their priesthood, and being instruments in the hands of the Lord.

I love you all! Can`t wait to talk to you next week.
I will send you a separate email to let you know when I can talk...and yes, I can use Skype! Horray!

-Hermana Carli

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