Monday, December 30, 2013

Let him paint

What a TREAT it was to talk to you all on Christmas. I was so strong the whole time, and then I got home and cried. Don`t worry...I miss you all.

A few things that happened this week were...

First, last Monday we went to a town about 30 minutes from my area with our zone, and a few members of our ward had gathered clothes, hot chocolate, fruit cake, toys, and a bunch of other cute little things to take to kids that live way out in the middle of nowhere, and don`t really have a Christmas. It was SO much fun! We sang, and the stake primary president talked, and then she said..."And now we will have a special message about Jesus Christ from the Sister Stone." Surprise! But it was so sweet, and such a special opportunity for me to share with all these little kids how much their Heavenly Father loves them, and wants them to be happy and always remember that.  

On Saturday we had a baptism for Sister Sadit! She is the sister who has been listening to the missionaries since July, and has been assisting the church for almost a year. Last week she got married, and this week she got baptized! It was so sweet because her husband is a returned missionary, but hasn`t been going to church for the last...5 years or so, and he showed up to the baptism, and to church for her confirmation the next day. When she shared her testimony about how happy she was to finally get baptized we were all crying. What a blessing for her and her family!

Funny moment that happened with Sister Sadit.
She doesn't have a ton of time, so for her baptismal interview we went to her house, and the Elder interviewed her in their living room, but as you know, the baptismal interview is personal, and we couldn`t all be in the room, so we were walking out, and her chubby little nephew was sitting on the couch watching TV and didn't want to leave. Lucky for me there is a little pastry shop next door to her house, so I said..."Hey Carlos, let`s go." And he looked at me and said..."Where are we going? I want to watch TV!" I quickly thought of the pastry shop and said..."Do you like cake? We are going to go buy some cake to eat right now" HA! Don`t worry I was sick so I didn't eat any...but we were in divisions so I ended up having to pay 7 soles for a darn lemon pie for the chubby little nephew.

This week has been quite the emotional roller coaster...but that`s how a mission is supposed to be, so I know that I am here for a reason. Slowly but surely I am understanding my purpose, and learn each day more about why I am here. I can`t believe how fast the time has gone, knowing that I am more than half way done scares me a little bit, but don`t forget who your master is. Don`t forget who is helping you paint your picture of life. Let him paint, be humble, and your picture will be more beautiful and profound that you could ever try to draw on your own.

Love the Lord, and trust Him.


Sister Carli Stone

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