Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mission was in the cards for me

Happppy birthday Summerella!! I can`t believe she is 17. Wow! I feel like it was just yesterday that she was telling me to grow up and sleep in my own room. Love you Summer! Thanks for being such a great example to me. I hope your birthday was wonderful.

So...wow. I can`t even remember everything that happened this week. The first and funniest is probably our new years. I am not joking even a tiny bit when I say that I felt like I was in a war zone. Everyone is lighting off huge fireworks, and yelling, and I legit thought it was the end of my life, but I couldn't stop laughing. I wish I could attach the video cause I`m just screaming in Spanish and laughing, and it is so hilarious.

Next hilarious moment. We have a member that lives like...25 minutes from our house, and last week asked us if we could stop by and teach her daughter the missionary lessons before her baptism. While we were walking we were trying to find the shortest way possible to get there...smart Sister Stone thought it would be a good idea to walk through some abandoned property of straight up dirt. Well...it was a HORRIBLE idea cause it wasn't hard dirt...it was like sand...and as we were walking through this crazy deep field of dirt we heard a door open behind us, and out of some creepy shack in the middle of no where starts sprinting towards us the scariest hugest dog I have ever seen. Everyone who knows how much I love dogs can only imagine the look on my face. I looked at my companion and started screaming and praying out loud like mom does when shes freaking out...and all of a sudden the dog stops. In the middle of no where...like 6 feet away from me. Because he was running so fast I was covered in dust...but I seriously couldn't stop laughing and crying. Miracle! I know my Heavenly Father is watching over me.

This week we went on divisions, and the sweetest sister from Washington came with me to my area, and we had so much fun teaching together. It`s pretty funny when two north American sisters walk together in the street, because everyone we talk to wants to at least listen for a moment to figure out why we`re here in PerĂ¹.

This week I have continued to see miracles, and have spiritual experiences. I have been so blessed and lucky to serve a mission. When I think about the hastening of this work I get giddy inside because I know that what I am doing is truly the work of the Lord. I know my Heavenly Father loves me, and wants me to be happy, and even though I can`t focus right now even a little bit because we are in a different internet cafe and I am surrounded by a bunch of gamers listening to emo-screamo music and yelling at their computers screens, I can feel that a mission was always in the cards for me. I know that my heavenly Father has sent me here for a reason, and this year as I have been making plans and goals for myself, I know that I need to find my purpose, and live up to the potential that I have as a daughter of God.

Love you all!

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