Monday, October 7, 2013

I got my buttermilk syrup! conference. I could spend the whole email talking about how much I absolutely LOVED conference! With every talk I heard I was just reminded of the truthfulness of this gospel, and the fact that we were listening to the words of Prophets and Apostles of GOD! Wow. How lucky we are to live in this time when we can listen to the counsel from our Father in Heaven directly through his servants. I absolutely loved what elder Ballard said about missionary work, he said to the missionaries, "You are called as a missionary to talk to people...don't act like it's some sort of burden." Ha. But I have to say that I was weeping in Elder Hollands talk. Wow. That talk was definitely written for a few people that I know.

Last week was SUCH a blast in Arequipa. The mission home reminds me a ton of grammy and grandpa's house and I felt like I was in Modesto. There were 6 of us sisters so we got to sleep in the mission home, and the elders got sent off to some hotel. We woke up to president making french toast and buttermilk syrup. I was in heaven! I thought it was all for us, and then the doorbell rang and in walked 38 elders...but it was okay, cause I got my buttermilk syrup! Ha.

This week was awesome. We had 3 BAPTISMS on Saturday! It was incredible! The three girls we baptized, (Maria Gracia, Ivone, and Karry) were all so excited, and SO prepared. I know that God was preparing them for us to teach...and I will never forget seeing their faces after they were baptized. They kept thanking us, and hugging us and it was just the sweetest thing ever.

I just loved this week so much...and I'm excited to see what the next week brings. It's like a mystery what will happen, who we will meet, who we will teach, and how we can help them.

Love you all so much!! Enjoy your week...and remember...Every member a missionary! Please help the missionaries in our ward...I promise they will appreciate it more than you know. We are all in this together! (high school musical throwback)

Ps...If you were wondering, Saturday I got to watch conference in English with the white elders, and one white sister in Tacna...and Sunday we watched in Spanish. It's cool to watch it in Spanish though cause I receive more revelation when I am listening to the topic rather than every word. OH...also...did mom join the Tabernacle choir...cause her TWIN was singing in the choir. I almost cried when I saw her on Saturday and I jumped out of my seat and ran over and stared at the screen and all the elders thought I was crazy! Then I said..."Elders....I think that was my mom. I`m serious." Soo....let me know if you moved to Utah.


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