Monday, October 14, 2013

"We are following the prophet"

Okay...truth circle. I`m a little bit sick right now. I have a little FOMO!!! So jealous thinking about all you guys in Utah doing the whole "homecoming game thing". Ah. I love BYU...I`m so glad they won too! I said a few weeks ago about the joys and sorrows...I will appreciate those moments so much more after my mission, because I have been left out. Haha...and everyone who knows me knows that I love to be in the middle of it all...but I am so happy that everyone is healthy and safe and doing well.

This week we had such a MIRACLE happen. I have realized that they come every single day of the mission, but only when I am looking for them. Our sweet little investigator Brenno was baptized on Saturday. He has been going to church since he was 7, but never had permission to be baptized. My companion and I felt super strongly one day as we were planning that we should work on getting permission for him to be baptized, so ALL last week we were searching for him. His mom was in town for the weekend from Lima (MIRACLE!) and we literally walked up and down the street that he lives knocking on every single door asking if anyone knew his family...and some how NOBODY knew who he was. Friday, (after spending the entire week visiting every member of his family that we knew in the ward, and calling his cell phone 15 times) we were contacting on a street corner and who walks up behind us?...Yes, Brenno. We looked at each other practically in tears and told him we had been looking for him all week. Right in that moment we told him that we felt that this was his time for baptism...his eyes started watering and he said he wanted to be baptized THE NEXT DAY! We called the zone leaders from a public phone and told them to meet us at the chapel in 10 minutes to interview him. He passed his interview and was baptized the next day. He was glowing. So sweet. He is 16, and his parents are both members, and his dad is a returned missionary, but is extremely inactive right now. But he was overcome with the spirit and crying and everything the moment that his son came out of the waters of baptism. Wow. Such a miracle for that family.

This week we also had a conference with President Zobrist, and I had a super cool interview with him. I have NO doubt that we are called to the mission we are called for our mission president because he has already helped me SO much in my mission, and I still have a ton to go, and a lot more to learn from him.

My companion and I also planned a training for all the sisters this week, and it went super well. It was so fun being able to plan a training and it was really cool to be able to receive revelation for the sisters in this area, and teach them new things, and see how they are each doing individually. We also made hamburgers and banana splits and played signs and did some anti stress exercises to make it more fun. Haha. I will send a picture to you of all the sisters in Tacna. They are all so awesome.

Okay...last thing. This week my companion was looking at pictures in the Ensign and saw a picture of the prophet where he looked a little bit heavy, and she said..."Look...President Monson is fat too. If anyone makes fun of us for gaining weight we can just tell them that we are following the prophet." HAHA. I love my companion. Always makes me feel better about the 19,000 pounds of rice that we eat everyday. SO LUCKY! P.s. I don`t think I will ever be eating rice again after my mission.

Oh...and LAST thing. My companion and I completed with our baptism goal for this month...and we are only on the 2nd week of the month! Our bishop took us out to a super nice Chinese restaurant for a celebration and I got to eat....FRIED RICE. Que suerte!! Haha.


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