Monday, September 23, 2013

First day of Spring!

Firstly...I cannot believe that Colton broke his thumb. Gosh darn it buddy. I will pray for a quick recovery for you. And congrats daddy and Summer on your prize winning costumes for the daddy daughter date. The best part of the picture that dad sent of the tacky tourists is that the outfit that dad is wearing isn't a is exactly what dad wears when we go to Hawaii. Hahahah.

This week we had a MIRACLE! We always have them, but this week was so awesome. Our miracle baptism Shiomara! It was the craziest busiest day on Saturday because she wanted to be baptized, but her parents wanted her to wait...and after a loving, but very direct lesson with her mom, she was BAPTIZED on Saturday night at 9pm. It is the most incredible moment in the whole world when someone comes up out of the water after their baptism and you can see them glowing. Ah! Such a blessing.

We had a ton of divisions with the sisters this week cause of problems within certain companionships and I was so sad cause I wasn't with my companion very much...but when we were reunited we were super happy, and that was another blessing.  I am learning Spanish. Another miracle! Haha. Last night we had an activity with all our ward missionaries and I taught a lesson in Spanish... I taught a lesson!! It wasn't a discussion, or a testimony...a members of the ward. AH! After I sat down I thought..."Oh my gosh...I just taught a lesson in Spanish...and they understood me." I LOVE THE LORD!

I am seriously loving my mission. Every week I love it more and more. Every week I have more challenges than the last, but I am learning to better recognize the good, and appreciate more the BLESSINGS that I have in the mission...and it makes the hard moments bearable. I am truly starting to learn about opposition and how we would NEVER be able to fully enjoy the moments of joy in our lives if we didn't experience the sorrows. Push through the hard moments...there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.  Do everything you can to strengthen your relationship with your Heavenly Father, and make him your best friend. He knows us, He loves us, and He lives. I know these things without a doubt in my mind.

Love you all so much! Have a good week!
Today is the "día de la juventud" here in Peru...also known as the first day of SPRING! Enjoy your winter in America! :)

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