Monday, September 16, 2013

COW LIVER... and I ate every bite!


This week was awesome. I absolutely LOVE my companion. Her name is Sister Cordova and she is from Chiclyo which is way way NORTH in Peru. She is 22, and hilarious. She reminds me a TON of Elise Ellison and we just laugh all day long. She is so great.

So this week I had my first divisions with two different companionships of sisters, and let me tell you...WOW have I been blessed with the gift of tongues this last week. I prayed so much that my Spanish would get better so the sisters would actually respect me and I have been blessed beyond belief! I have also received a lot of revelation this last week in how I can help the sisters that are struggling. I was reading a blessing that dad gave me last fall before I started school back up at BYU, and dad said, "Your influences on the sisters in the gospel specifically will be great if you are obedient" I remember when he said that, I was super confused, but I know that was revelation, and that through my obedience I will be an example to these sisters.

So...this week we had some interesting food. Firstly...yesterday I ate duck...and it was DELICIOUS. Who would have thought?! Come to find out it is cooked in was quite the shock. But...the thing that wasn't delicious?...COW LIVER! And to make it even worse...I ate every BITE because I didn't know what it was until after.

Yesterday we had a stake conference, but it was for the whole country of Perù and was a broadcast from Salt Lake...and guess who spoke? Elder Richard G. Scott (in Spanish) and Elder Bednar tambièn. And what made it so cool for me was that Elder Scott, and Elder Bednar were the two apostles that I got to see while I was in the MTC. Elder Bednar spoke about repentance, and Elder Scott talked about the sanctity of women. It was incredible to be able to hear the words of the apostles ONLY for the people I am teaching here in Perù.

I sent a picture of my companion and I with a little old lady. Her name is Julia and she is probably my favorite member in the ward so far...she is great. She is JUST like Grandma Woolf (cami`s grandma) and we just laugh whenever we are with her. The other day we were going into a lesson and she was sitting on the curb outside this investigators house just...hanging out, so we asked her to come in and listen to the lesson and the whole time she was talking about the most random stuff, and during the prayer she was telling the investigator that he needed to close his eyes, and I was praying trying SO hard not to laugh.

Things in my new area are going well, and I am so happy and grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the Lord at this time in my life. 

Love you all!

Hermana Carli

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