Monday, July 1, 2013

More CAKE...

Family! Oh how I miss you guys! This week was quite the emotional rollercoaster for me. I had some of my hardest moments, and some of my best moments. I have learned a lot this week, and I am starting to truly understand humility.

This week President Fernandez finished his mission and our new president arrived! On Thursday we had a final conference with President and Sister Fernandez with 4 zones in Arequipa, and they took us to the place where the Arequipa temple is going to be built. The property is super pretty...and big! We were told we couldn´t tell anyone where it was (but thats isn´t a problem for me, even if I wanted to I couldn´t explain where in the heck we were) haha. Our new president arrived on Saturday, and   the mission home is not only in our zone, but in my area...and my ward! So last night Hermana Chávez and I were contacting the park by the mission home, and I convinced her that it would be fun to walk by the casa de mision and see if we could hear the president talking in English or see we did. We felt like we were going to get in trouble even though we werent doing anything wrong cause his house is in our zone...but still it was QUITE the thrill. haha.

During one of my down moments this week we went to contact a woman who we received as a reference from a member. After our lesson we asked her if she had any questions and she started bawling and telling us the most awful story about her nephew who was killed by his drunk father a few months before. The little boy was 4 years old, and the dad cut the little boys head off. (I am not even joking right now).  She was asking us if the baby was in hell cause he was never baptized. It was horrible. I turned to my companion in tears...I didnt even know what to say to her. We gave her a Book of Mormon and told her to read Moroni 8. When we left that appointment I turned to my companion and said, "I feel like my problems mean nothing right now compared to the trials that other people are experiencing." I truly learned that day that when we look outward and have a desire to help others, our problems diminish and we grow to love them so much.

On Saturday night, Hermana Chávez and I were at the church and two Elders from our zone showed up with a huge cake for us because they heard we were having a rough week. I almost cried...but instead we just ate the cake. It was hilarious. I have some pictures of the beautiful cake...and our adventure of trying to find some way to eat it in the kitchen at the church. Haha.

I also read the most amazing talk this week from April conference by Elder Richard G. Scott sobre the importance of a Christ centered home. You should all read it if you get a chance. It´s incredible!

Lastly is my story about Esperanza. Some Elders in our zone contacted her and we were lucky enough to have her live in our area. We went and visited her on Saturday. When we showed up she said, "I'm really busy...but I want to talk to you guys." She invited us in and proceeded to tell us the EXACT situation of Joseph Smith...I am so serious. She said, "I am a Christian and have attended a lot of churches, but I am just confused with all of them and feel like something is missing with my relationship with God. I want to know the truth!" We looked at each other and started teaching the first lesson about the restauración and when we talked about Joseph Smith she just lit up. It was amazing! We have another appointment with her this week so I will let you know how it goes.

Remember that I love you all so much! Let the Lord shape your life. He knows and loves you perfectly. He wants to see you succeed. Be humble, and trust in the Lord and His timing.

Until next week,

Hermana Carli Stone

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