Monday, July 15, 2013

4 months

Well...this week my companion and I had what they call here "tronquitis aguda"..hahaha. We were both sick with who KNOWS what, and as we layed in our beds at night coughing our lungs out, unable to sleep, we were both TRUNKY TRUNKY! Haha...when we both woke up on Friday horribly sick my companion said to me, "I miss my mom!!" (in English) I'm proud of her. She's learning so fast!  But even though we were sick, we knew that we needed to work...and Friday was one of the best days of my missions so far. We taught 6 lessons, got 5 new investigators...AND...we got invited to mutual for TACOS with the Young Women. I'm sure you all remember how much I love Tacos. It was so wonderful to eat Tacos again. One thing I think is pretty fun is that they have Mutual on Friday nights from 8 until 10pm. Talk about a good way to keep the youth on the straight and narrow. All their friends are Mormon...sounds like my life. Haha.

On Friday we felt prompted to go and talk with a young boy that we contacted a few weeks ago in the street. When we got to his house he didn't have much time to talk so we taught our lesson at the door. Come to find out, he had investigated the church a few years ago, and had been to church like 3 or 4 times. He may not have been prepared then, but he is now! I have so much faith in this kid. His name is Diego. He will be baptized by the end of August...I know it!

Also, remember Marco and Elvira? Okay...I love these people so darn much! They are the sweetest couple and I just want SO badly for them to get baptized! EVERY time we visit they let us in...without fail. No matter WHAT they are doing, they always have time to set it aside for just a moment to listen to our message. They are seriously like investigators from some sort of church movie. Last night they made us dinner and after the prayer Marco said, "Could you tell us a little bit about the temple? Why is it so important?" I just wanted to cry. He is so interested in the church, and one day he is going to be an amazing leader in the church! After we explained a little bit about the temple he said, "This reminds me of a question I had about the Book of Mormon."  The other day he was on the bus and a woman saw him reading the Book of Mormon and asked if he was a member of the church, and he told her was. Ha. How awesome is that? 

Lucia! Sweet, sweet Lucia...this girl is the sweetest little angel in the whole world! Remember her crazy grandpa? Yeah...on Saturday we were teaching her and she heard him coming so we grabbed our backpacks and LITERALLY hid from him. Hahaha. He is so old that he can't really hear. She was yelling so he could hear her and Hermana Chávez and I were laughing so hard. It was awesome. He is so crazy...maybe he'll die soon though.

This week I was talking with the stake relief society president and accidentally called her husband a his face. Their whole family was laughing at me. So that was a nice little expirience. Haha. 

I read the talk President Monson gave in conference in the priesthood session of conference in April and there is one part that I LOVED that I wanted to share with you guys. He said, "At best, missionary work necessitates drastic adjustment to one's pattern of living.  It requires long hours and great devotion, selfless sacrifice and fervent prayer.  As a result, dedicated missionary service returns a dividend of eternal joy which extends throughout mortality and into eternity." How amazing is that?

Love you all! You are always in my prayers.
Sorry my camera is SO dumb and hasn't been working the last few weeks. I will see what I can do. 


Hermana Carli Stone

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