Monday, June 24, 2013

"I assume you are new, Sister Stone."

Family! How are you all? Not going to lie that I´m a little jealous that mom and dad are in the Caribbean right now. Enjoy the beach you lucky people!!
This week was a little bit sad. Our baptism for next week, Ramiro, decided that he wanted to leave our district because he didn't have friends here. (What the heck, right?) We called him the other day and he said he moved. The rest of the day we felt like complete failures and I just wanted to eat my sorrows away. I have decided that that isn´t the best way to handle my sorrows in the mission though. We talked to Ramiro´s aunt yesterday at church and she said she thinks that it was just a little phase and that he will be back this we are going to see what happens later this week with him.

This week my sweet companion was sick, so I spent 7 HOURS reading the scriptures and all the Liahonas in our room while she slept all day on Wednesday. In the evening, I couldn´t sit any longer so I called our Zone Leaders. They said I could get a member from the ward as a companion, and our pension could be her companion. So I called a girl in our ward and we went out and worked for the evening. And it´s a good thing 'cause we got invited to a birthday party for a member. HOLLER! You know what that means...TORTA!

Yesterday I gave my first talk in church in spanish. It was....interesting. Just to explain a little bit of how my spanish went...I spoke before the stake president, and when he stood up he said, "It is always such a pleasure having new missionaries here from the United States... I assume you are new, Sister Stone." Hahaha. I spoke about the family, and used some quotes from The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Luckily I have been blessed with an incredible family and awesome parents so I talked about some things I learned in my home growing up, and how important it is for parents to teach by example. I taught primary again...and listen to this. I thought this was hysterical! My bishop has two sons. They are 18 months apart and their names are....DAVID and STEPHEN! Hahaha. It took me 2 weeks of teaching them to realize they were brothers and realize their names; it was too funny when I realized that.

Now...the conference last night? Did anyone else get a chance to watch that? Amazing! It´s incredible how the Lord is hastening His work. I love the weekly emails from Summer telling me about all my friends getting their mission calls. It´s so inspiring. I just sat and cried during the fireside last night thinking about how incredible it is that I am a missionary right now. Sometimes it will hit me that I am on a mission and I just laugh 'cause it´s so awesome! I love being here! I love the opportunity I have to serve the Lord and show Him how much I love Him.

I had a cool thought this week during one of my personal studies that I wanted to share:

I remember when we were little we used to always tell you guys how much we loved you and were so grateful you were our parents.  Dad would always respond, "Show me." No matter how often we said "I love you", it was when we were obedient, or working hard that you truly KNEW we loved you. It is the same with our Father in Heaven. We can tell him in our prayers everyday how much we love him, but if we aren´t obedient to his commandmants, or if we don´t give our time and talents to Him when we are clearly capable of doing so, we are not truly showing our love for Him.

I love you guys so much and think about you all the time! Thanks for the examples you have all been to me in my life. I have been so extremely blessed in my life, and the only way I can truly show the Lord how grateful I am is if I serve Him with all my heart.

Hermana Carli Stone

PS. My companion got a haircut last week so we took a picture. Haha.

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