Monday, July 15, 2013

American Independence Day in Peru

Family! What a fun fourth of July you guys had in Tahoe. Such a classic Stone Independence day! 

My 4th of July here was super special. I wore my red, white and blue, and we had a conference with our new mission president. It was actually quite hilarious...he is the coolest guy, and his sweet wife speaks about 3 words in Spanish, but their spirit and desire to serve is so strong! We sang the Battle Hymn of the Republic and I got to play the piano so I was super excited about that! They spent time showing us about 50 pictures of their family, and all the crazy fun adventures they have gone on in their life with their family. Boating, hiking, name it! My zone leader and I were nearly in tears with all their pictures of Lake Powell, Hawaii, and all the American things they have done. Haha. 

I had a chance to talk a little bit with my mission president this morning and he said I should come with my companion and bring cookies and spend some time with his wife. Haha. I think we will pencil that little visit in our planners this week. 

This week was kind of a blur to be completely honest...I dont remember much of what happened. We only had one investigator at church which was tough, but she is so sweet, her name is Lucia...she is 12 and her mom died of cancer about 4 months ago so she lives with her aunt who is CRAZY...and her grandpa who is super abusive. Her aunt is actually a member of the church, but wasnt letting Lucia come to church or be baptized or anything because she is this week we had a lovely little chat with her aunt about baptism and how if she knows the church is true she will give permission for Lucia to be baptized too...after the talk she agreed to bring her to church...and she did. We are thinking that in the next few weeks Lucia will be baptized, she needs that light in her life.

We have these other two investigators Marco y Elvira...they are so awesome and ready for baptism...BUT they arent married. It is so sad, because they keep ALL of their compromisos, and they are both reading the Book of Mormon every day, and praying too. SO...this week they told us that they have plans to get married at the end of July, and they want to be baptized after. WOO!! My companion and I were trying so hard not to just scream with joy...but when we left their house we did! haha. Every time we leave their house they said "See you tomorrow!" Which is funny because we dont visit them everyday, but they are seriously so awesome. 

Anyway...thats about it for this week.

The church is true! I love you all from the bottom of my heart and think about you and pray for you daily! 

Ps...I sent about 25 letters off last week that I have written since I got to this country so...if you have written me and haven't heard back yet...PREPARE yourself for a lovely letter from Sister Stone. HA!



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