Monday, June 17, 2013

3 Months!

Holy cow. I hit 3 months this week. Can you believe that? The time here in the mission is SO weird. And only someone who has served understands that statement.

First off: Happy fathers day Dad!! I missed you and thought about you lots yesterday! I am going to see what I can do about the missionaries calling on Fathers day too. Haha. I have been SO blessed to have you as a dad. It´s interesting because I was writing out a list of traits I want my future husband to have the other day and as I went back and read it I thought "Hey...this guy sounds like dad!" haha...hopefully he´s out there somewhere. But that's not important right now.

Secondly: Happy birthday to CAM!!! This is the first birthday in 10 years we haven't been together...I figured that one out last week. I am so sad I cant be there to celebrate the big 20, but I´m sure Matt will spoil you (I hope)

Thirdly: What a fun weekend you guys had! I thought about you guys all day on Saturday knowing that you had the upstage show. Sad I missed it, but I know you guys will order the DVD and I can watch Colton's back-flip when I get home. (What a stud. So proud of him) Oh...speaking of back-flips...last week on p day we went to this park with a big open field and I thought "Hey...I haven't done a back-flip in a while...I want to try one." (Such a classic Chandler thought, right?) especially because I don't think I have ever tumbled on anything but the floors in the gym that have springs...hahaha. But I did it...and it was so fun. So...ill probably do it again this week...don't worry, I will ask for a blessing if I get hurt. haha.

This week we had a talent show for the three wards in our building and it was hilarious. One little boy from the primary in our ward went up and recited a poem he learned in school, and after he did there was like...5 more primary kids that wanted to do the same thing. So we listened to this random poem in Spanish like...6 times. Then each ward did a skit (What? Is that a talent?) hahaha. Our ward asked if we could be in we were, and don't worry, they made fun of my Spanish in front of everyone....hahaha. Then we did a musical number with the missionaries in the three wards. It was basically my companion and another elder singing while the rest tried super hard to sing on tune while I played. I loved it.

This week we contacted a reference from a little boy in our ward, and his friend said he would be baptized. Then his grandma came in and started listening to the lesson, and his mom too. It was awesome. His grandma said her spouse wouldn't let her be baptized (holy cow I cant even tell you how many times we hear that one) but the mom of the boy said it would be alright if her son was baptized. WOO. He's awesome. His name is Piero, and he´s 13. Another Peruvian friend for Colton. Ha.

Our investigator Ramiro passed his baptismal interview, and he´s gonna be baptized on the 29th of Junio. He unfortunately had some problems with the word of wisdom so we gave him Enos 1 to read...and we go and meet with him tonight to talk about it. He´s been to church 5 times...but just doesn't want to make the commitment to be baptized. If he doesn't follow thru with his date on the 29th then we need to drop him, which would be so sad.

I truly love the people here so much. I grow to love them and their culture more and more everyday.

My hilarious moments of the week: Hermana Chávez will die if she finds out I told all my mission fans this story...but I have too.
So...Saturday afternoon we had fish for lunch, and Hermana Chávez loves she ate entire fish by herself. (I'm not talking like...yummy salmon...I seriously felt like i was eating the FISH HATCHERY by dads office...the smell of fish...was in my mouth. yikes) So hour after lunch we are walking to an appointment and she asks if we can stop at one of the little stores on the side of the road (the death of me....they have so much cookies and chocolate and cake for like...10 cents) anyway... while I'm looking at the ice cream she buys something and puts it in her water. Well...about 2 hours pass and she tells me she needs to go to the bathroom...which she always does so I didn't think anything of it...then like...3 minutes later she says "okay....we have to get to a members house...i NEED to go to the bathroom!" I start laughing and ask her why and she says it cause of her medicine...hahahahaha. she pulls out a package of ALCA SELTZER. She had like...4 of them in her water bottle. I was dying! We sprinted to this members house so she could go to the bathroom. I was just sitting in the courtyard of this house laughing. Oh...and then the lady who lives there asked me how many siblings I had and I said 19. You should have seen her face! I thought I was passed the stage of misunderstanding simple questions. Nope.

Well...i love you all, and think of you all the time. Have a good week!

Love love!

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