Monday, June 10, 2013


Family! Buenas Días!

How are you all? CRAZY weekend at home. Sorry about that! Give Suzi my love, and tell Les congrats on her big move back into her house. What a relief!

Things here in Gráficos this week were good. I had my first baptism! Wooo!
This kid is 11 years old and the most solid member in the ward. I´m not even kidding you. If he wasn´t 11 I would consider coming back here and marrying him. I want Colton to learn Spanish so he can come down here and be friends with him. He´s awesome at soccer, and has the sweetest little testimony. I´ll attach a picture, but unfortunately thanks to Elder Valerio (the one elder i thought i could trust to take a good picture for me....because he´s white...hahaha) my pictures are all blurry...but of course the pictures he took of himself are not. haha. So...i have blurry pictures...and one without my companion. ha.

Yesterday at church the primary president asked me if I could help with singing time...of course I was stoked, right? soon as all the kids were in the chapel (where the only piano is) she LEFT! And I had to teach SPANISH....and play. Hahaha. It was quite the adventure considering that not one of those children ever learned to sit still in their life....and also because I couldn't remember how to say "Sit down" so I just kept saying..."Escucha....escucha!" Which means listen. hahahaa. I told them if I heard every kid sing I would sing a song in should have HEARD the choir of children screaming "Follow the prophet" in Spanish. I was laughing so hard I could hardly play the piano.

Speaking of music...apparently it´s not normal to make up songs when I walk and make up songs about how hungry and tired I am my companion just laughs at me....and trips. 3 times this week. It´s getting a little out of hand. Haha. She is hilarious. We made a cake this morning for our zone for an elders birthday...yes....we are those sisters. When I say cake i'm talking...straight up bakery status. It looks SO good...we are gonna eat it later. haha. I´ll send a picture. My companion likes to take pictures that are SUPER close enjoy that one.

Things here are good. I am loving the work. It gets harder that even possible? But I really am learning so much. Spanish obviously being the biggest and most important thing. It comes little by does everything else in life. I have learned how important patience is, and have been studying a little more about it during my personal study in the mornings...along with all the other Christlike attributes I want to learn...the list is endless. Haha.

Love you all!

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