Monday, June 3, 2013

Testimony of the Book of Mormon

Hello my lovely family! Sounds like things are going just swimmingly at home. (speaking of swimming...I wish I could. It is so hot today)

First off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCUS! Of course I didn't forget your big memory increases with age buddy. I hope you and KK have a fun day and do something out of the go to dinner.  If you want some suggestions on where to eat I have a list of places in Provo I want to eat at when I get home. Haha.

Next, I´m pretty sure Cassy turned 25 again this year on the 30th of May so Happy late birthday to her. By the way Cas...I sent you guys a letter like...a month ago, so it should get there sometime next month...from what I have been told. :)
This week was tough. Should I start every email like that? Haha. I have come to love the Book of Mormon so much since I have served my mission. My pages look like rainbows because I want to mark everything I read.  It truly is the word of God. I always knew it was, but it wasn't until I got on my mission that I truly KNEW it was. I look forward to personal study every morning. And this week I have been reading talks from April conference. WOW! These men really are called of God.

I dont have a ton of investigator stories this week unfortunately. We have been in kind of a lull which is definitely hard and frustrating...but it comes with serving a mission, and I realize that it is going to be hard. Remember that book that I sort of probably maybe read in high school called "Do hard things?" I should probably read that again when I get home. :)
Yesterday was Fast Sunday and the Spirit was so strong the whole sacrament meeting...I just sat there feeling so much peace and joy! I don't understand how someone can feel that way, and not know that feeling is coming from God. There is nothing else in the world that can bring the happiness and peace that the spirit brings. I just want everyone to feel it.

On Saturday we taught a lesson to a family about prayer and my companion asked me to bear my testimony about having family prayer. I started tearing up and told the family how much I loved praying with my family and how I felt like it always brought us Mom and Dad thank you for that.

I know I always tell you how much I love Hermana Chavez, but seriously...she is such a gem. Last night we sat in the kitchen talking for hour and a half just laughing. She is starting to understand my humor, and it makes our relationship so much more fun. Yesterday in church during Relief Society they announced a birthday, and she turned to me and said "We should probably go visit her this week on her birthday....because that family always has cake at their parties" hahaha. She knows me so well ;) Hermana Chavez and I somehow end up at every birthday party for every member of the ward....and get fed cake a couple times a week. haha.

Things here are hard, but I honestly love it. I am SO grateful for prayer...I promise you that a mission is impossible to do on your own. The Lord strengthens me everyday. I am so happy to serve a mission!

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