Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey family!

It was so nice to talk to you guys yesterday. Sorry I was such a disaster at the end there. Haha.

After I hung up the skype call I decided that I needed to just get to work so my companion and I left the members house we were skyping at and went out and contacted. From 6-8pm we contacted 49 people and taught 3 lessons. Haha. It was awesome! I was just talking and trying to say everything I saw in Spanish. My companion was laughing so hard because I had been so sad like...30 minutes before.

Also...We were teaching a lesson to a lady who is getting baptized on Saturday last night and her grandson came in and gave me a kiss (which is totally normal here) but obviously against mission rules. I didn't know what to say so I just made this really weird noise like...Wait...don't do that. But he didn't understand my spanglish noise. Of course my companion starts dying laughing again. Then she looked at me and told me to bare my testimony. She didnt tell me WHAT to bare it on so I just started talking and it was probably the best testimony I have given in Spanish since I got on my mission. It was such a great feeling. I dont know if what I said made any sense to her...but to me it did, and it felt so good to know what I was saying for a minute. Haha.

Also...I know I told you guys this yesterday, but for all my blog followers that aren't part of the family (Cami, Christie, Kate and Grandma) HA....guys...this week I ate COW STOMACH. I'm so proud of myself...and Cam aren't you proud? Remember when you used to have to practically force me to eat hot dogs?...Yeah...I would kill for one of your hot dogs right now. Haha.

Ps. Major camping trip when I get home. I'm super into that kind of thing now...and woudn't believe how many dogs are here. I spend most of my day trying to find ways to run away from them without being obvious to the Peruvians that I hate dogs cause they all love the animals that just roam the streets here. And...our pet mouse that wanders around in the morning is no longer an issue cause I packed EARPLUGS...they SAVE my life.

OH....shout out to Elise on her mission call to BOLIVIA! We are gonna be neighbors again (Aves 330...good times) and Ryan Mcfadyen to GUATEMALA!! I love all these Spanish speaking missionaries! If I had advice I would give it to you, but I LUCK! Bahahaha.

Thank you so much for everyone who sends me encouraging words every week. I love you all SO much and miss you all!

I have a ton of pictures to send, and the computer isnt letting me. Expect like...20 next week. Haha.

Love you all!


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