Monday, May 6, 2013


Since I keep having to start all over again I feel like every one of my letters is titled Week 1. That's not comforting at all. Haha.

Well...WOW. This last 24 hours has been pretty crazy. Im glad I was warned that the first two weeks are miserable and you want to leave because I have definitely been having a tough time.

Yesterday morning our flight left at 7. There were 22 of us that left the MTC for Arequipa. 6 Americans, and the rest latinos. You would think since the latinos SPEAK the language at the airport that they would be a help to us but they weren't at all and they BARELY made the flight. All 16 came running onto the plane minutes before they closed the doors. It was kind of hilarious cause they were just taking their sweet time and all the North Americans were stressing to the MAX.

When we landed, our mission president, and his wife and all the elders that work in the office were there to greet us...which was really nice. We all got on a big bus and got a tour of Arequipa. It was awesome.

They took us to the mission home, and for the rest of the day we were being trained. They fed us an awesome meal (that was literally too much for DAD to eat) and then trained us more. There are 2 elders that left today for home so they were there too being interviewed and stuff, so that was cool. One of them was from Texas.

My companion is the most adorable little Latina in the entire world. She speaks like...4 English words so I just cry when I cant understand her...I don't really want to expound on that one. Its been a rough morning so far. Haha.

Also...remember how I hate camping? Yeah so...that's basically what I'm doing here. Thank you Chandler for warning me...oh wait...just kidding. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME. Besides the fact that they don't have a concept of time here...they also don't have any concept of temperature. My companion told me the showers were REALLY hot. I didn't even wash my body because it was so cold. I even had her come help me...and she turned it on, felt it and told me it was really wasn't.

Also...I'm pretty much sleeping in a closet. For breakfast I couldn't eat cause I felt sick so the lady who cooks for us (who can ONLY say banana in english and that's about it) made me a hot smoothie...actually...i have no idea what it was. Ill probably be sick later.

We live in a room at the Patriarchs house which is so nice...but they don't have houses here...they just have rooms...outside. hahaha. This is all so hilarious when I really think about it. Also...this morning when my companion and I had companionship study...I THINK she said that we are teaching a lady named Nancy tonight. Were going to the Bishops house later to meet that will be good. But I seriously cant speak any Spanish. I feel like such an idiot.

Long story short...I am kind of freaking out. Hopefully I make it out of this alive.

Speaking of that....I read about Chandler and started sobbing in that we are emailing in. The guy next to me is from Arizona...but he is pretty awkward so he was just staring at me. I am SO glad Chandler is okay. Wow. What a blessing!

I thought I was doing so well cause I only cried in the CCM once in Lima during Bednar...and today...Im a disaster.

One thing that was good is that this morning during my personal study I finished the Book of Mormon. It was so wonderful to finish! I started it in January, and then REALLY started reading in the MTC. I am SO grateful for the Book of Mormon. Especially here. It is SUCH a strength to me...and brings me so much peace. Which I really need...especially here now when I don't know what i'm doing at all and I cant even ask what to do so I just awkwardly stand around until my companion does something and then I just follow her around.

Well...please pray for me. I'm having a really tough time right now adjusting and what not. I will be calling on Sunday 3pm Peru 1pm California time...ish. Around there...just a heads up.

Love you guys, and miss you SO much!!

Hermana Carli Stone

Ps. My pictures are:

1) Me, Hermana Kahle and an Elder from our Provo district who got his visa at the was pretty hysterical speaking no Spanish.

2) Arequipa

3) All the missionaries who came from the CCM in Arequipa during our tour.

PPS. I called the mission presidents son Sunday yesterday. His name is Diego...NOT Domingo....I made a great first impression. HAHAHA

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