Friday, April 19, 2013

Safe in Peru!

Hey there family!

I made it to Peru!! Can you believe it? Our flights yesterday were long, but I sat next to Hermana Kahle on both flights, and the flight from Atlanta to Lima wasn't very full, and it was a huge plane. And...that was pretty cool.
On the flight you can watch movies, and it was me, Hermana Kahle, and Hermana Dahl all watched Pride and Predjudice. Haha. So, that was fun! When we landed we didn't think it was actually real so we were all just laughing and saying "GUYS! We're in Peru!" Ha. Getting through the immigration and customs was so much easier than we thought. We all had these huge bags and were trying to carry them around and communicate with people. Then we got picked up by this random guy (who we still aren't sure if it was the MTC guy, or if he just wanted the money...but he said "Si...CCM...Si...misionaras..." but we all felt pretty safe. Haha) We drove through Lima at midnight and you would think it was 5 in the afternoon...there were people EVERYWHERE. It was hilarious!
When we got to the CCM (about an hour drive) he just let us out, and then guy who met us at the gate didn't speak any gave us papers with some instructions and pretty much just left us there. And my room assignment was different than the other sisters, so I was super stressed that I wouldn't be able to find it, and just decided to sleep in their room. We were SO tired, so I'm pretty sure I slept...but I was pretty scared. It makes me sad that I have to start all over again here cause the beginning was really hard for me at the Provo MTC, and now I have to do that again. 

When we woke up this morning (at 6...even though we didn't get to bed until 1:30) we went down to breakfast and ate with our Zone leaders. The breakfast was these weird eggs, and bread, yogurt. I didn't even much though...I wasn't very hungry. Haha.
Then they took me to my class cause I'm not with the other 3 sisters that I flew with from Peru.  My companion seems nice. She's from Idaho, and also came from the MTC in Provo last week though. There are two more sisters in our district, and they came straight here from home.
Our language class this morning was outside and it was so nice outside.  La CCM is really pretty, but outside of the CCM we haven't really seen yet.
I found out this morning that....wait for it....DAVID BEDNAR is coming on Tuesday for a question and answer and spending the day here with all the missionaries. Man...I got so lucky! I'm so excited for that.

I just need to get through the first few days cause it's been pretty tough trying to adjust. Plus everyone has told me that I'll be getting sick in the next few days as my stomach adjusts to the food, and obviously that's not something I want to hear so I've been getting kind of nervous.
I'm excited to be here, and see the changes. It's a lot more laid back which I think is really cool...maybe sometimes a little too laid back for me though. I like a little structure. My teachers are awesome..One is trying to learn English, and the other is a girl and she speaks little English.
Anyway...I'm gonna go now, but just wanted to let you guys know I'm here, and safe...and that I can do this!
Love you!
                                       -Hermana Carli Stone-

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