Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First time Proselyting!

Hola Familia!
Can you believe I'm actually in Peru? It seems pretty surreal still. haha. This week has been pretty crazy. It's insane how different the Peru and the Provo MTCs are.  The Provo MTC is super organized...like...over the top almost, and here they have no concept of time, and they just kind of do what they want, when they want. It's pretty funny.

First of all...THANK YOU to Cassy and Dan and their boys for the package full of love that I got the DAY before I left. I finished all the candy on Sunday when I shared it during devotional with all the Northe Americanos. They were like animals around the candy from the United States. haha.
So Saturday was probably the most crazy day so far.  We went proselyting...left the MTC and walked around teaching people in the Lima, East mission. I had my companion with me...and then we had a latina. Thank Heavens! Hermana Torrealva. She's a convert...speaks barely any English and has the biggest heart ever. I sat next to her on the bus both ways and tried to help her with English...and we just were speaking spanglish and people were laughing...and of course I was signing too...which doesn't help her at all. She really is amazing, and she was on FIRE. We got 16 contacts, taught 2 lessons, and gave out 2 books of mormon. Most companionships passed out 1 book of mormon and got 4 or 5 contacts. haha. Proselyting was HARD though. I did not expect it to be the way it was. I was shocked about how poor the people are...and still how happy they were. The kids would just be playing in the street with a piece of paper and be happy. It was so sweet. Hermana Torrealva kept asking me to bare my testimony...and my spanish was so terrible that when I would finish...she was repeat it back to the person in her spanish. It was pretty funny.

My companion Hermana Harmon is awesome. I seriously love her. She came from the Provo MTC which is such a blessing because the missionaries here are so different. They're kind of lazy actually. I think it's the culture. So...Hermana Harmon and I always go outside to study cause during personal study they just talk the whole time. It's sad, but I love that I have her and we get along really well. AND...the other day we were talking about boys and she has a missionary that is out right now in Farmington New Mexico...she pulled out of picture and guess who was her boyfriends trainer? Yep...Trevor Schmidt. We laughed about that for a while. She said he LOVED Trevor.

Yesterday during physical activity we got our whole district to play soccer and it was so fun! A bunch of the guys in our district played growing up, and two of the sisters...so we had a blast. It was so hot...but we were so tired of sitting in class all day that we were running like crazy. The red head jokes started yesterday when one of the Elders passed me the ball and yelled, "RED!" to get my attention....now all the elders call me Hermana Roho. haha. i knew that would happen eventually.

On Sunday they asked if I would do a special musical number in church, and thank heavens for my music binder I was prepared...sort of. I played and sang I need thee every hour (in English of course) and apparently everyone liked it so that was good. I've gotten quite the confidence booster since I got here. on sunday after church the elders started calling me Hermana sexy voice. HAHA. (that would never fly in provo...but here...it's not even a big deal) I realized that in Provo, you learn the Gospel, and in Peru you learn the language. I feel pretty special to be able to have BOTH. I've been pretty happy here, and I am SO grateful for the Lord's help cause I know I couldn't do this alone.

We also wanted to do a musical number for the latinas because they are only here for 2 weeks, and we lose this group today and get a "new batch of brownies" on Thursday...funny huh? Last night they asked if I had any music for a big group...YEAH I DO. We sang the EFY medley to them in English and they all cheered at the end. It was so sweet. I am so grateful that I never quit piano cause I have been playing a ton, and I love it! Sunday night before our devotional a bunch of people just gathered around the piano as I played and listened...it was so fun...plus MAJOR confidence booster that they all think I'm so good. I love it. Haha.

Yesterday my FAVORITE teacher (literally the sweetest man you will ever meet...who has a lisp and is SO difficult to understand) came up to me and said, "Que usted siempre feliz? Siempre sonrise...que?" Which basically means...You're always so happy, and always smiling? Why? hahaha. I just sat there and laughed...trying to figure out what the say in Spanish cause the poor guy doesn't speak hardly any English. He tries so hard though. It's so sweet. I finally said..."because I know Jesus loves me, and because you are the best teacher" haha he turned bright red. it was hilarious.

Anyway...Elder Bednar is HERE at the MTC as I'm emailing you right now. We haven't seen him yet..but he's speaking to us from 9:30-12:30. Amazing huh? We're all so excited! Two general authorities in one week. WOO! Also...the food here is incredible!! It makes everyone sick...which is not fun...ha, but I haven't had one thing that I don't like yet. Today is my Pday obviously...but only for the next 2 weeks. I leave this MTC 2 weeks from today. Isn't that insane? I've been out for a whole month! We get to leave the MTC on pday and go shopping and stuff, and usually go to the temple too, but since Bednar is coming we don't have time...which is totally fine. Ha. Leaving the MTC and going out to the "real world" here was so amazing. The people don't speak Spanish though...that's for sure. Haha. My Spanish is actually coming along pretty well...I taught a lesson last night and didn't even really use my notes...I was trying to let the spirit tell me what the say and I had a lot of thoughts come into my mind...putting them into Spanish is the tough part.

Anyway...I love you all SO much!
The mail system here is pretty crazy so don't worry about sending hand written letters until I get to Arequipa cause i don't know if i'll get them. I will get dear elders though if they are sent to this MTC. Thanks for all our your emails, and your love! I miss you a lot and think and pray for each of you. Choose the right!
Hermana Carli Stone

If you want to know who Elder David A. Bednar is click on his name below!
Elder Bednar 


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