Thursday, August 7, 2014


Today…HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!! Sorry I can`t be there for you big day, but I love you and I’ll see you soon! I hope you got the card I sent a few weeks ago. 

This week was great! Hermana Weller and I worked our bootys off. It was so much fun! We talked to a ton of people, and really spent time getting to know and teaching the people we love here in Chivay. Apparently there is more to be done because we are staying here for my last few weeks.  President isn`t going to close our area yet, and we are so stoked because we know there is still work to be done! This week I felt and learned more about my purpose as a full-time missionary than I have in a while. As I’m sure you understand by now…the work that we do here in Chivay is a lot different than the work of other missionaries throughout the word…we are the same in purpose as we “Invite others unto Christ” but running the entire church, and branch up here has been the hardest part of my whole mission. Sister Weller and I have talked a bunch about what we need to be doing up here and President called us on Monday and told us exactly what we have been feeling so strongly the last few weeks.  He said… “Your main focus in Chivay is strengthening the members. You can continue teaching investigators and preparing them for baptism, but I don`t feel like that is the reason you were sent up there.”  We focused a lot this week on visiting all the members…less active or active, and teaching them, and testifying to them of the beauty of this restored gospel as we helped remind them what they know to be true.

On Friday and Saturday a bunch of youth from the last ward where I served in Arequipa came up to Chivay, and we took them out in groups contacting and teaching them how to share the gospel…we were also in charge of all their food… (Joys of being a ward leader and a missionary.) It was QUITE the task…let me tell you, I`m ready for my whole party planning career. Haha.

Friday night after being out all day working, we set up Karaoke for the youth…I`m sure you can all guess what happened. YES! Hermana Weller and I were the only ones singing. Typical.

Sunday was the greatest! We had two people visiting from Arequipa…this cute old couple, who both stood up to bare their testimonies. First, the wife stood up and spoke and then she sat down and told very ill, old husband to share his as well…keep in mind this man can barely stand up on his own.  During his 25 MINUTE testimony (no joke)…two cell phones went off, one woman answered right outside the door, and started yelling into the phone, a little boy was upstairs playing with the TV and somehow “Frozen” came on BLASTING in English, the old man asked the entire congregation the name of the church book that Joseph Smith translated, and then shared Moroni 10:4 three times.  Oh I wish you could have all been there. It was great!

Sister Weller and I taught gospel principles yesterday about the scriptures and it was so cool.  As we sat and testified to the members of our small branch up here of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon together with the Bible, Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of great price, and the teachings of the modern day prophets, the spirit filled my heart so strongly.  I know that these books are true. I know that if any person desires to know for themselves, that they can. I testify that as we put in our part, and ask God with a sincere heart, we will ALWAYS receive our answers. I do not doubt that for one second.

I can`t wait to continue serving the people of Chivay who I love SO much as I finish this perfect mission here in the Peru Arequipa Mission.  I know that this is where I am needed. I understand more than ever before WHY I`m here, and what the Lord requires of me. I know that as I seek his guidance, I can and will receive his will for me each day.

Have a great week. Happy birthday daddio!

Anticucho…love me some alpaca steak

Hermana Julia gave us our very own Peruvian skirts to bring home.

Peanut pealing gone terribly wrong….

Looks like someone missed the bowl.
Grass time is the best time…rare occasion in Perù.
Youth from the last ward I served in visiting from Arequipa.

Enjoying the Peruvian sun. Hey…I love my companion!

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