Monday, June 2, 2014

Traditional Dresses and Fat Sauce...


Wow, so many fun emails and wonderful news this week. Especially about Suzi... I was almost in tears. I`m so proud of you Suz! And also…can`t forget my birthday shout outs. MARCUS HUNT!!!  Happy birthday tomorrow big guy!! And…MADDIE NETHERCOTT! Love you both. Enjoy your day. Be good.

This week we had some pretty cool experiences.  On Monday night we had Family night at the Relief Society Presidents house and we invited the entire ward.  15 people showed up. It was awesome! The Elders prepared the lesson and the games, and Hermana Weller and I prepared the food. We nailed it with….bread and jam. Sorry mom! Such a disgrace. Haha.

We worked a bunch this last week with Brenda and her little brother Junior.  I don’t know if I have updated you much with her.  She made the decision to be baptized together with her little brother, but her dad didn’t give them permission.  We`ve been trying to visit him to help explain a little bit about WHY they want to be baptized.  (Wait. Quick side bar from the spiritual story…Junior, 8 years old, asked me yesterday if we could baptized his dog. Hahaha wish we could, I hate that dang dog. Maybe it would change him for the better. Anyway...) On Thursday our zone leaders came up to Chivay to visit, and we took one of them Elder Jacobson, to help us teach Brenda’s dad.  The lesson was AMAZING. Definitely one of the most incredible of my entire mission… I couldn`t hold it together. The spirit was so strong the whole time. Whenever Angel (Brenda’s dad) felt it, he pulled out his phone or looked away or tried to avoid it by changing the subject.  It was pretty funny, he didn’t know what to do or how to stop this amazing feeling of peace that we later explained to him was the Holy Ghost.  The latest news from him is that he gave his kids permission to get baptized at the end of the month! Woo!

While the zone leaders were here in Chivay on Friday morning we went to Hermano Victor`s restaurant and made eggs, pancakes, and bacon.  It was SO yummy! We also stole President Zobrist`s “Fat Sauce” recipe to put on the pancakes. Don’t even ask…we`ll be working out for a week to burn that baby off!

Friday night we stopped by Brenda’s for a quick lesson and ended up trying on her traditional Peruvian dresses from the Colca pueblo and dancing for her.  President Zobrist always says, “Just do what you gotta do.” Well…her dad was laughing hysterically and asking to take pictures with us so….WORTH IT!

I hope your week at home was as spiritual, wonderful, fun and event filled as mine was.  I love you all, I love this church, and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.

 Bacon, eggs and pancakes
  Pizza at Hot Stone with our zone leaders.

  Day 2. Breakfast at Hot Stone Pizza. Day 2. Breakfast at Hot Stone Pizza.

 I did it! I tried guinea pig!
Jessicas Baptism. One of the elders investigators!

 Talk on the Holy Ghost

13 people in a 7 seater van. Welcome to Peru.
 Alpaca, yum!
 Bacon Crew
Got the traditional dresses on. HOLLA AT COLCA!

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