Monday, November 4, 2013


Oh my goodness the entire world sent me a happy birthday wish email. I am so grateful to each and every one of you! THANK YOU THANK YOU everyone. Still waiting on the package Mom...We will see what happens. Hope I get it. Ha.

Arequipa was great. I learned a ton in our leadership counsel, and I am super motivated.  I know there is ALWAYS more I can be doing, I can always work a little harder to be a little better...and that is my goal for this month of November.

Also...this week was Halloween as you all know...I was the annoying gringo who had black and orange and yelled at everyone saying "Happy Halloween!" Unfortunately this isn't a very celebrated holiday here...but I was letting my inner Carli come out. I also told our who zone in our zone conference last week that we all get ipads...and they all believed was awesome. Then I laughed super loud...and they all started throwing papers at me. I think my zone likes me...HA! I promise I am mature...but sometimes I just need to be myself. While I`m on this topic I told the ward counsel yesterday that I`m turning 32 this week...and I think they believed me too. Whoops.

This week my companion and I heard some sad news about our investigator Jorge, that he can`t get married quite yet cause his wife is still waiting on papers for a divorce of her first marriage. We were pretty upset cause this guy is READY. We were teaching him the word of wisdom the other day and he said to me..." this some sort of diet or something?" Ha...He is also a DJ, and his name is DJ Black. How hilarious is that? But no...I am learning A LOT of humility with this man. It is so hard for me to just say to the Lord..."we will do anything you would like us to do. We will work towards baptism with him...if this is YOUR will." I know that is what I am lacking...and I just need to humble myself and realize that God has a plan for him...and I can`t try and change that plan so I am happy.

Lastly...yesterday in sacrament meeting this crazy man from the ward stood up to bare his testimony and said..."I would like to bare my testimony in English and dedicate it to our lovely missionary sister stone." The Bishop was busting up laughing and I turned BRIGHT red. The funniest part is that this guy is FLUENT. He has some mental problems...but he spent like 10 years studying English and can speak perfectly. It was great! At least some one likes me.

Love you all,
Carli girl

(My birthday cake: Tres Leches)

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