Monday, October 28, 2013

Chased by a PIG!

Happy birthday KK! Last week was a little harsh, but don`t you think I forgot you. I love you so much. SO incredibly grateful for your example to me...and your email last week. Haha. Hope you have the best day! So fun to see pictures and videos of the family this week. 

Man...writing the family is always so stressful because I have so much to say. First of all...Back in Arequipa for the leadership counsel with President Zobrist. Today has been such a blast. My companion and I along with the 6 elders in Tacna drove in on a bus leaving at 10pm last night, and got here in Arequipa at 5am this morning. President gave us permission to go into the city and do something fun. And the 5 gringos thought it would be funny if we toured the biggest catholic cathedral in PerĂ¹. Hahaha. It was an interesting experience. Afterwards we went and rode Go Karts. It was so hilarious. Our travel to Arequipa is always a good time.

So... remember Jorge? He`s great. This week we were teaching the restoration and he asked me, "What was the name of your first prophet? Will Smith?" Haahha. I was dying...trying so hard to hold it together. He`s also black, and doesn't like white I`m having a tough time winning this man over. But he feeds us up a STORM! And I am never hungry when he feeds me. Last week he brought out a plate of like...6 sandwiches, and as soon as he left the room I started grabbing them and stuffing them in my backpack...trying to manage my weight here. Haha

Also...this week we were contacting in this farm area place, and I just want you all to know how awesome my mission is. We weren't running away from were being chased by a PIG, and running for our lives through this dirty muddy field, laughing our heads off. I just love this darn country soo much!

The Sunday school president in our ward is crazy, but in the funniest way, and we were having ward counsel yesterday talking about how we can reactivate families and he stands up...(picture this man who is like...60 years old, with hairs growing out of every part of his face that he could possibly grow hair...) and says..."There is something else very important that each of your are some how forgetting....SUNDAY SCHOOL!" The entire ward counsel starts busting up laughing...and this poor man doesn't quite know he is crazy yet, so he sits down totally satisfied with his comment and we were all just dying. I know that probably wasn't funny to you guys, but use your imaginations.

I have a TON of awesome pictures of Peru for you guys right now, and the internet place we are at doesn't have a place to plug in my camera. I`m so sad. Next week you guys will have a bunch of fun pictures.

Okay...sorry this was such a pathetic letter. I promise I am having spiritual experiences and learning a ton. This week my companion and I were teaching a lesson to our ward mission leader and his family (he is preparing for a mission) and we shared with him a video of the hastening of missionary work right now and I was sitting there in tears. Wow. It is such an amazing feeling knowing that I am in the thick of it all. When I think about the fact that I am an instrument in the hands of the Lord right now in the last days as he is bringing the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people I just don`t ever want to come home. But don`t worry I love you all so much...and I will come home one day. 

Remember that we can all enjoy the blessings of missionary work...and this is our responsibility as members to bring the gospel to each and every person. I get some wonderful letters from Sandy Bertha through dear elder and I just love her example of a member missionary. She has an awesome missionary experience each week to share!

Love you all so much! Reach out, and share with others what makes you SO happy!



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