Monday, August 12, 2013

"Bless us not to get married today!"

Wow! Someone PLEASE explain the time thing on the mission. I have yet to understand how in the heck the days seem like YEARS and I’m hitting 5 months this week. What in the world?

Well, yes. I know you’re all dying to know. Si! Gonzalo was baptized on Saturday! It was SO special. At the end of the service he bore his testimony and it was incredible how strong the spirit was. Then, listen to this. After the baptism he came up to me and said, "Okay. I have to tell you something Sister Stone. About a year ago I had a dream about you. In the dream I don’t remember much, but I just remember seeing your face and knowing that you were someone important to me." HOLY COW, right? Isn’t that sweet? It came at the perfect time when I was literally just thinking, "Okay. My Spanish is terrible. Am I even helping anyone here?" MIRACLE! Such a blessing! 

Another blessing: this week I finished the Book of Mormon again. AH! Holy cow! I love that book. I have a goal to finish it five times on my mission and I just started it for the third time on Wednesday.  I want to be able to understand the STORY of the Book of Mormon with more clarity, and understand the prophets more fully and learn more about what made them the men and missionaries that they were. I know that this will only come as I study their words.  

Oh yes. Just in case any of you think my Spanish is going well...let me tell you about a prayer I said the other day. First of all, cansada means tired and casada means married. Yeah. This was my prayer, "Bless us to not get married today as we walk and talk with people in the street and share our message with them." Ha. My companion is so sweet. She just whispers the correct word. Once I realized what I had said, I burst out in laughter... Then she realized it was okay for her to laugh too. Seriously love her to death! I’m praying that she doesn’t get her visa so she can be my companion for longer.

I was sick this last week with some sort of something in my stomach. Then I realized that I only felt sick when I drank the MILK. Ah. Yes. This morning I drank something white so I’m pretty sure it had milk in it. I’ll be sick later probably. Oh well. My tolerance for pain is getting so much better. Remember how much of a baby I used to be. Ha.

This week is Chandler’s birthday. WOO! 23 years old. Channy cuando yo regreso podemos hablar en español sobre todos los personas y ya...ellos no sabrán nada. Espero que practica sus español cada mañana, y pienso que usted debe escribir me en español porque quiero saber si puedo entender. Haha. LOVE YOU!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Remember that you are loved!


  1. I love you.
    Te amo muchisimo mi preciosa
    ..Hermana Carli Stone.

    Tu espanol es mejor cada dia.
    Espero que tengas momentos espirituales. Es un buen
    Idea para ser escribiendo emails a toda LA familia...on Espanol.