Monday, July 29, 2013

THIS is the bathroom??

Hey family! Well...this week was kind of crazy! We had changes yesterday and when we got our call in the morning, we received some some sad news that both Hermana Chàvez and I had changes. So I am no longer in Gràficos and I am soo sad. Plus, I’m missing my companion like crazy.  Here is the WEIRDEST part. I got transferred to the other area with sisters in the SAME zone I was in before. My zone leaders said they had never heard of that ever happening. So these next few months my job is to figure out why I’m here in Selva Alegre...because I am obviously needed here in this area. 

My new area is HUGE and has another set of missionaries. It should be interesting with two sets in the same ward. So the issue with my area being so big is that my companion (who...oh my goodness is the SWEETEST girl in the whole world) is just here until her visa comes. She’s from Lima, and her mission is actually Bolivia, Cocabomba. I’m freaking out a little bit cause her visa could come any day now...and I know nothing about this new area. Plus, let me tell you about the BATHROOM. It is a complete joke. I literally laughed when I saw it cause I thought they were kidding. I stood there looking at the bathroom laughing and my zone leader was laughing too. So, I thought it was some hysterical joke they were playing on me. Come to find out my zone leader was laughing AT ME. It is probably the size of a shower at home but it has a toilet. Oh. There’s no door...and the toilet doesn’t flush. Haha. I was living at the Ritz before with the Patriarch. But, it will be okay. I am going to learn a lot. I’m not sure what I am going to learn from this but I’m sure I will look back and be grateful for this experience.

It was a lot harder to leave my area in Gràficos than I thought. Hermana Chàvez and I cried almost everyday last week. Haha. Yes. I’m back in my crying stage...and I probably will be until I can figure out my new area. Ha. Last week we had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators. We told her how much we were going to miss her, and she BROKE DOWN sobbing and told us how much we had changed her life and brought light into her home and her family. We all just sat there crying together. It was so sweet. And I realized that is why I’m here.

Things here are tough for me. But, everyday I am SO blessed with strength from the other side and I know without a doubt in my mind that the Lord is helping me. It’s interesting because usually, at least once everyday, I have this feeling of "What the heck am I doing? This is way too hard!" followed by an overwhelming feeling of peace that just says, "You can do this. You were set apart and called by a prophet of God to be here." What a blessing. My daily tender mercy!

Miss you all so much. Can’t believe you’re going to the beach house this week. I’m gonna miss you all so much! Enjoy it! And enjoy trek Mom and Dad and Summer. That is one of my favorite memories. Don’t be negative Sum. I know you won’t be, but just be happy and give everything you have to feel the spirit of the pioneers and what they all experienced! And keep praying for me. Haha. Love you all!


Sister Carli Stone

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