Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Swine Flu!

Well...This week was...hysterical to be honest. HAHA. You will not believe what happened. First of all...wasn't conference amazing? I loved it SO much. My companions and I got there super early for all the sessions and sat in the front row in comfortable chairs and watched it on these plasma TV's so we felt like we were more at home instead of sitting in the bleachers and watching it on a huge projector. Anyway...conference was incredible. I prayed to learn some things that I needed to hear and I definitely did. I realized a lot of really cool insights about why I'm here on my mission. 

So...Friday evening I started coughing and not feeling too well (but it wasn't that big of a deal cause I've basically felt sick since the day I got here and been super nauseous) Anyway...when I woke up on Monday I felt even worse than I had before so I went into the Health Center to see a doctor...they did some tests and found out I had INFLUENZA B (What the HECK!) I obviously thought that was some sort of hysterical joke...but nope. Then about 20 minutes later my whole district shows up at the doctors office to give me a blessing and get some pills to prevent them all from getting it too. Then the nurse told me to say goodbye to my district cause they were taking me to Club Med...(You should have seen how excited I was when she said that...) But even more hilarious than that face, was probably the face I made when security picked up, with my 24 hour bag of books, and a toothbrush and paper and took me to the SMALLEST room BY MYSELF in the middle of some random building in the MTC. When she said Club Med I made the big mistake of thinking they were taking me to some resort somewhere to heal by a pool as I watch movies and drink smoothies. Don't soon as they left me in the tiny room all alone I sobbed. They literally put me in isolation and didn't let me leave. When the doctor came to check on me yesterday morning he said I needed another day to rest and made me stay another 24 hours. They "released me from quarantine" this morning. THIS WOULD HAPPEN TO ME, RIGHT? Anyway...lot's of tears, and prayers and scripture reading. I learned a lot of lessons in these longest 50 hours of my life. BUT...I prayed for strength and help...and Heavenly Father truly provided. On Monday afternoon about 4 hours after I got into quarantine they brought in another sister with Influenza B who was also in need of recovery. Come to find out she was supposed to leave yesterday for Scotland with her whole district, and they wouldn't let her leave the country. We became best friends and talked for a good 18 hours straight yesterday. Haha. She knows about all my friends, family, dates, kisses, struggles, weaknesses, vacations, favorite name it! We laughed so hard at the fact that we were literally in quarentine and they wouldn't even let us listen to the devotional...WHICH BY THE WAY...Gerald Lund spoke...and of course I missed it! I'm so sad, BUT Sister Watts (quarantine companion) has an Aunt who's husband is a Branch President here and so Monday and Tuesday night she brought us our letters, and told us about the devotional and it was really good! She was the sweetest woman in the world, and we were SO grateful to see her cause she was our only visitor who wasn't wearing a swine flu mask. 
 Well...the whole situation was quite hysterical...and I learned a LOT from it. I guess I needed to be humbled a little bit and rely on the Lord a little more. And I truly have been. I've never wanted to work more in my entire life...and laying in bed all day and writing letters and reading was actual, I think I've learned a few things. Sister Watt and I read preach my gospel last night and she helped me with my Spanish and it was super helpful. We would sit on our bunk beds just talking to each other all day. AND...we realized after about...24 hours that we were in the same Family Finance class last semester. So that was pretty funny. Anyway...I'm more than happy to be here (out of my quarantine...which I called a concubine the whole time on accident) and I'm so excited to get back to work! I sent you guys some pictures! Hopefully they worked. There should be some of my companions, my district, Nicole and Kendall, and my isolation room. Classic. 

Mom! Thanks so much for your letters I appreciate them SO much. 

Summer...I'm so excited that you got asked to Spring dress is gonna look great on you. You always were prettier than me. 

Chandler...I wrote you, but I haven't heard back. I need some Spanish advice!! 

Katelyn and Marcus...I wrote you too, and miss you guys SO much! I need mission advice! 

Dad, I love your emails! Thanks for the pictures and encouraging words! 

Tell Colton I miss him and laughed out loud when you told me how excited he was to see Jurassic Park. HAHAHA. Classic Colton. 

Thanks everyone else for the letters. All my lovely girls from Apartment 330 at the Avenues sent me some goodies, and Megan Bertha sent me the sweetest package. I love getting dearelders. Keep writing me everyone! PS....I lost 7 pounds since I got here. Oh...PPS. I'm such a great influence on my companions. They both CHOPPED off their hair. I sent a picture I think. Anyway...they're awesome. Love them both! I love you all SO much and think about you all the time. Miss you guys! 

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