Monday, August 18, 2014

The spirit can open our mind…

Hey hey!
Well…how was the beach house? Trust me…i thought about you a time or two last week.  Hope it was as fun as it always is…except for the fact that the life of the party wasn´t there…sorry! Ha.
This week was wonderful…just like they always are! We spent like 80 percent of our time visiting all the members, focusing especially on the less actives, and just showing them love, and reminding of the blessings that come from the gospel of Jesus Christ. The other 20 percent of our time was spent up at the church planning for the sister conference this week, and writing the music for the mission conference next week. I probably spent a good 8 hours or more at the piano…taking me back to the days with Mrs. Tudsburry. Haha…but the music is FINISHED! I have never felt so guided by the spirit at the piano. Heavenly Father and I wrote this music together…he´s such a good guy. I love him! ;)
This week there was a HUGE fiesta in Chivay for one of the virgins of the catholic church...Virgin de Asunta. There was so much apostasía going on it was ridiculous.  The pictures I sent you was of the shrine they made in the plaza for everyone to worship. Yikes.  Friday night Sister Weller and I took a nice stroll/had a dance party in the plaza. You will have to see the videos...they´re great. Anyway...on a more spiritual note...
Yesterday was an amazing day! I love Sundays so much on the mission.  Sister Weller and I got the opportunity to teach gospel principles, and got the best topic in the book…the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I could go on and on about this topic, but I think I´ll just wait until next week. Ha.
Saturday night I had one of the coolest experiences of my whole mission. I was on my knees praying, and thinking about the sacrament…I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude come over me, and fill my whole body as i thought about it. I have been praying, pleading and studying about the sabbath day for 17 months hoping I could understand even deeper why it was important, and yesterday it hit me like a brick wall. If we don´t go to church…we don´t get the opportunity to take the sacrament.  It´s really THAT simple.  Weekly participation of the sacrament on my mission has changed my life.  Jesus Christ suffered so much so that we could be clean, and we are given the chance…why wouldn´t we want to partake of it? I woke up the next morning with desires so strong to just run all the way to church…just so i could partake of the sacrament, and receive the Lord´s merciful forgiveness.  I testify that the spirit can open our mind…and each thing that is a mystery to us, can and will be revealed in the Lord´s time to those who have a desire to know. “Ask, and ye shall receive.”
I could write and write and write about all the incredible experiences that this past week has brought, and all the amazing lessons I learned…but i won´t have anything to tell ya when I get home ;)
I love you all. This church is true…I promise you.  I know it, and THAT is why I´m here. 

Ps. Sorry I don´t have any pictures this week...I kind of forgot to take them, but I love you all. 

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