Monday, December 2, 2013

Stuck in the sand on P-day! this week was about...1000 times better than last week. I`m continuing to grow, and learn each day...and I am so grateful for the love I feel from my Heavenly Father everyday. It`s tough seeing the family all together for Thanksgiving, and missing all the good stuff at home, but it`s okay cause for Thanksgiving I was on exchanges with a sister from the States and we ate bananas and Nutella from my package and went back and forth saying things we were grateful for. It was so fun.

Mom asked me a bunch of questions last week and I think I will just answer those for you, because the weeks seem to fly by, and I hardly remember what happens when I sit down to write.

We definitely do NOT have seasons here in PerĂ¹. Not even a little bit. Haha everyday we wake up, and everyday the weather is the same. It`s about 75-80 degrees and sunny. My companion doesn't like the sun so it`s pretty hilarious when we walk out the door everyday I just throw my hands in the air and say..."AH! How beautiful is this day!" and she gives me the death stare. .

Thanksgiving was a normal day of`s not a holiday here so nothing happened. Transfers were yesterday, and my companion and I are staying here in Para Chico together for Christmas.  Our mission president doesn't like changes very companion has been in Tacna for 9 months.
We have time to exercise everyday for 30 minutes in the morning and I`m doing pretty good about doing my exercise.  I have a jump rope so I use that everyday, and run in circles in our room while my companion lays on the bed bending her legs every 30 seconds. And I just I get double exercise.

The people here don`t eat fruit or vegetables...just rice and chicken and potatoes and you understand my problem. Haha. We have a Pensionista so we talked to her last week, and asked her to feed us more fruit, and less fattening morning we have a fruit salad instead of rolls with eggs, and onions.

I DID get my birthday package! I was basically crying with everything I pulled out of the box and screaming of happiness. I ate the whole bag of mint M&M`s in our planning's embarrassing.

Last P-day we went to the beach.  The beach is about 30 minutes from where we are, so our ward mission leader took me, my companion, and the other two sisters in our zone.  It was probably one of the most hilarious moments on my mission. His car can`t drive and sand...and he forgot until we were in the middle of the beach...STUCK for an hour and a half. At first we thought it was funny, and we all got out and helped him push from the back...(the first picture I sent) but unfortunately that didn't last too long and we were legitimately STUCK until some other guys came over to help. It was QUITE the p day...but I just couldn't help but laugh the entire drive home in my clothes and shoes covered in sand. Ha.

We ordered a jersey for our zone before transfers last week, and we got them on we took pictures of our whole zone together before transfers and everyone was making fun of me cause I was using the bow that I got from the wrapping of my sweater in my package, and used it all day so I could feel like I was in the fall spirit. .

Sorry this letter wasn't super spiritual...but you can get a feel a little better of what my mission is like.  I learned a TON this week in my personal study time, and I have such a hunger for more knowledge of the gospel.  I know that our Heavenly Father only wants the best for us...and he will NEVER give us a trial we cannot learn and grow from. He knows what  He is doing, and He has a bigger plan that we have for ourselves.  Trust Him.

Love you all!
Hermana Stone

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