Monday, November 18, 2013

Shout out to Mike, Embarrassing moments and Christina!

Well...this world is smaller than I thought.

This week I was at lunch with a member and my companion and I was talking to this sister about my mission call, and some how it came up that I had a cousin who was born in Perù...we were talking about that and how it was such a blessing that Christina was adopted into the most amazing family, and how she is married and happy...and then this member looks at me and says..."What`s the name of your cousin?" I told her Christina Wood and she starts screaming...and come to find out...This sister is the family that Christina lived with when she lived in Perù for 4 months a few years ago...we both started screaming and jumping up and down in tears. Haha. We just sat and cried talking about Christina, and Kathy, and the changes that Christina had when she was living with this family...Janet Del Carpio. It was such a tender mercy to me that the Lord has a plan for everyone...who would have thought that this family would move to Tacna from Cusco...when I was serving my mission in Peru, in her ward. Wow! She showed me some pictures of Christina and her husband on facebook...and it was so fun to see how happy she is.

Yesterday we had a was incredible, but SO stressful! Remember Alonso? He is the kid who never showed up for his baptism? Well...last Sunday he came to church...we talked to him for 5 minutes before he had to rush off to work, he told us that he was sorry about the last time and wanted to be baptized...and we set the date.  He said he had 1 hour on Sunday...our zone leader came, re-interviewed him, baptized him at 9:45, and 15 minutes later he was confirmed in sacrament meeting. I saw SUCH a change in him, and I know that he needs the gift of the holy ghost now more than ever in his life...and I love that I can be a part of this for him.

I gave a talk in church yesterday...but have to hear the most awkward story of my mission so far. HA!!! I was standing up at the pulpit giving my talk, and I thought I felt my skirt flying up, but there are a bunch of fans so I just figured I was just feeling the air from the fans, and I was imagining things...about 20 seconds later one of the members of the stake presidency stood up and turned off the fans on the stand...and opened a window. Well...still in my spanish talking zone I didn`t think anything of it. Come to find skirt was flying up like CRAZY because of the fans, and the entire bishopric and stake presidency were in the QUITE the shock. I am so glad I didn`t find out until after church...but EMBARRASING!

This week was tough...I feel like every week is hard, but wonderful. I learned a lot this week about myself, and the changes that I still need to make in my life if I want to truly help others in the way that Lord has planned for me.  There are still so many people that I can help if I am humble and let the Lord guide me in the way I should go.  I love the Book of matter what language I read...I feel the spirit of God testify to me that it is true. "No wicked man could write such a book, and no good man would write it unless he was inspired of God, and commanded by Him to do so." -Jeffery R. Holland.

This church is true! Love you all!


1) Plaza de armas in Tacna.

2) Baptism of Jhon last Saturday.

3) Relaxing on Pday...the only day we can sit down on a bench and enjoy the Peruvian wind.

PS. I would LOVE Christmas music if you could send it down...I promise I will play it!

Oh...PPS...MIKE DOYLE. I thought about you a ton this week...and I can't find your email...but you are loved here in Tacna, Perù. There is a white girl who is trying to speak Spanish down here praying for you!

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